Friday, January 29, 2010

AIRI: Compassionate Conservatism is Progressive

Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, was one of the first and one of the most influential Progressives. He is certainly a colorful character driven by adventure and I think compassion. He really wanted to help people. He got into government and decided to use government to enact his adventuring and compassionate desires. It was inappropriate and Constitutionally incongruent and it set us on a long winding Progressive road.

Progressivism has been bi-partisan from the beginning, first came Teddy than came Wilson. And it has remained bi-partisan, one is on the left and one is way on the left. The ones that are on the left, and who often identify in the Republican party have taken up the name of "Compassionate Conservative". A Compassionate Conservative/Progressive s often someone who has some socially conservative views and platforms but is willing to increase government, spend more money, and to use government to enact their personal compassion. George W. Bush is probably the most notable contemporary example of this. Here is a man who seems to be generous and compassionate, but he was willing to use way too much government, for example Medicare prescription plan. Mike Huckabee used his political power to commute a great many people who really needed to have justice rather than mercy. John McCain, who I absolutely honor for his many sacrifices for his nation, has decided he can best help his country by overreaching in political power, an example is his desire to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. I get it, you are nice people who want to help your country. I appeal to your compassion and to your reason. The very most compassionate thing you can do is get out of the way. Let the people be free to better their own lives. Thanks for wanting to serve, but please use that service to decrease governments influence.

I believe people can change. I believe that Compassionate Conservatives can come back to conservatism and play an important role in bringing to light the damage that Progressive philosophy has done to our nation. Please come back to the Constitution, please come back to government enacting justice and the people enacting mercy. It will be tough, you will be scrutinized, but we the people mostly want you to do the right thing. Own up to the philosophy honestly and openly and than let us know that you are willing to change course. America loves a good comeback story.

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