Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Random Thoughts on What Must Be Done

-First off some quotage:
We all share a reasonable and, in many ways, admirable reluctance to leave the safety and peacefulness of private life to take up the larger burdens and challenges of active citizenship. The price is high, and it is easier and more enjoyable to remain within the shelter of our personal lives and our local communities, rather than the larger state. To enter public life is to step outside our more confined, comfortable sphere of life, and to face the broader, national sphere of citizenship. What makes it all worthwhile is to devote ourselves to the common good.
When one observes the pitched battles that rage around persons of strong convictions, who do not accept the prevailing beliefs of others, it is no wonder that those who might otherwise wish to participate find more hospitable outlets for their civic interests. When one of my friends began feeling the urge to get involved, his spouse glared at him and said, "Don't even think about it. We love our life the way it is." And that is not an unreasonable perspective, not at all. But is reasonableness always our standard of review on this question? I hope not.
During my youth there were many wonderful sayings, now considered trite, that provided cryptic, yet prescient guidance for my life. Among them was one based on Luke 12:48: "To whom much is given much is required." Perhaps such sentiments are embarrassing in sophisticated company today, but I continue to believe this with all my heart.
I do believe that we are required to wade into those things that matter to our country and our culture, no matter what the disincentives are, and no matter the personal cost. There is not one among us who wants to be set upon, or obligated to do and say difficult things. Yet, there is not one of us who could in good conscience stand by and watch a loved one or a defenseless person-or a vital national principle-perish alone, undefended, when our intervention could make all the difference. This may well be too dramatic an example. But, nevertheless, put most simply; if we think that something is dreadfully wrong, then someone has to do something.

Justice Clarence Thomas
Francis Boyer Lecture American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
Washington DC
February 13, 2001

Boy did Justice Thomas state it well. He is my favorite Justice of the United States Supreme Court. He just gets it. Please go here and read the entire speech, just amazing and inspiring.

-Second. There were a couple of things that I have been working on recently that just were not working out the way that I wanted them to. I kept asking God about it and ended up just feeling more frustrated. Finally I shut up, and just used the incredible power of listening in prayer. In the quiet He reminded me of truths I already knew but had not been applying. We follow The Spirit, the guidance that He is giving us. We do what we know is right. And then we turn it over to Him. We trust Him to do whatever He meant to happen through us and through others. We trust that He will sanctify ours and others actions for the benefit of those who need it. Do the work and than watch the miracles. His answers are always better than what we ask for. Seek to do His will.

-Thirdly. It seems like I've been engaged in this cause for a while. But, I'm not tired at all. In fact lately there have been some new decisions made, perspectives gained and a renewed sense of commitment. Nothing earth shattering, but I'm going to be doing some new things. I pray for the courage to follow through with them. We must do what we can right now, and not worry about whether or not we get any recognition or thanks. God knows our hearts and our works, His is the only approval we really need.

-Fourthly. I feel the need to make an appeal to my fellow members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You know what this land is, a land of promise. And you know what this country and its freedoms mean to us. Without the United States of America there would be no religious freedom, and no restoration. I for one feel that its time that we break away from the shackles of apathy and/or indifference and stand up for this gift of a nation. We need to stand together with every faith, religion and creed to protect our Country, our Constitution in memory of Our God, Our Religion, Our Freedom, Our Peace and Our Families. We do this because it is right and because it is worth fighting for.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Refudiate Progressivism for A Return to Normalcy

"A Return to Normalcy." I first heard that phrase from one of my college history professors. He said it with this goofy grin on his face and than looked around expectantly at the class waiting for us all to join in on the joke. We simply stared back at him.

He was speaking about Warren G. Harding whose slogan of "A Return to Normalcy" was mocked by the Progressives as a sign of his stupidity. My college professor pointed out to us that "normalcy" wasn't really a word. I remember thinking 'actually I think I've heard it before' (in fact it passed the spell check test). He went on to explain that Harding and his V.P. choice of Coolidge obviously had questionable intelligence. I confess I don't remember what else he talked about that day but for some reason the whole "normalcy" controversy stuck with me.

Here's the thing normalcy was indeed a word, it was not used all that commonly but now you hear it on a fairly regular basis, I grin whenever I hear some leftist use the term on a news program :)

The past couple of years I've learned more U.S. history than I did in 4 years of University study. Of particular note to me is the history of Progressivism and the slow but sure erosion of our Constitution and freedom due to that ideology (and whatever name they try to disguise it as e.g. Liberalism, Social Justice, Populism). Progressives believe quite simply that they have superior intellect. Well, the problem with having a superiority complex is that you have to spend a bunch of time proving that you are superior and that others and their beliefs are inferior. Hence the attempts to paint Conservatives as dummies.

Woodrow Wilson was supposed to be some big brained intellectual. In fact he was nicknamed "The Professor". But, Harding and much of the nation saw the obvious, Progressivism had screwed up the nation, and work had to be done to get it back to normal, thus the slogan. Progressives rather than highlighting their policies, which are in a word foolish, instead tried to frame the debate in intelligence comparisons, and they've been doing it ever since.

No other politician these days can get the same amount of attention from writing a book as Sarah Palin gets from writing a tweet. Boy, did the media come down on her hard for writing the word "refudiate." I love how the media preaches to their own selves when they come down on her for anything. But, when they threw a fit about "refudiate" I have to say I was laughing out loud, and thought about good ol Harding and his "normalcy." Get this "refudiate" has actually had some use starting in the 1980's. It actually doesn't matter too much, but the fact that it is already being used more popularly in some circles cracks me up. They try and try to mock, but to no avail. I love the word "refudiate" now, and it definitely fits with how I'd like to treat Progressivism refute it and repudiate it, just get rid of it. Oh and by the way the revelations from the Journolist stuff while not surprising are very validating. Please spread the word on that, go to dailycaller.com buzzword journolist.

That same history professor tried to disabuse us of the notion that history repeats itself. I didn't really get that either. I mean the names change, but history is most certainly cyclical. Here in the United States we've been battling utopian ideals (which is Progressive's goal) from the very beginning. Alexander Hamilton stated in Federalist Papers #6 "Is it not time to awake from the deceitful dream of a golden age and to adapt as a practical maxim for the direction of our political conduct that we, as well as other inhabitants of the globe are yet remote from the happy empire of perfect wisdom and perfect virtue?" To that I say 'here, here Mr. Hamilton, Amen to that!' The reason my history professor has to believe that history does not repeat itself is because he has to believe that one of these times utopian ideals will work. The reality is their ideological attempts fail, every time.

So, we continue to stand up for the Constitution and for Conservative values, and Progressives continue to try and push the idea that society can be perfected by government oh and that Conservatives are dumb. Round and round we go on the history cycle. And time and time again principles of freedom turn out to be right and good policy for the nation.

It is a Progressive trait to keep trying the same tactics over and over again even when they don't work. And not just policies I mean campaign tactics. Well, Harding became president. They tried to label Coolidge as a dummy too, because he didn't talk much, roaring 20's anyway? Ronald Reagan was labeled an amiable dunce, well he was an incredibly successful president, ended the cold war and was instrumental in ending an evil empire and bringing down an iron curtain. Maybe that's why I got such a laugh out of the media/leftist/Progressives attempt to use "refudiate" to label Governor Palin. Are you sure you all wanna go there? I mean I hate to break it to you but history does kind of repeat, labeling someone as a dummy hasn't worked out for you all that well, it certainly has worked out well for Conservatives though :)


To the Progressives among us, I know what you are doing. Long have you worked in relative ease as you have done so in secrecy and darkness. Like shadow particles one by one you've laid a foundation and built up a structure hoping we would not notice the gathering gloom. You knew our attention could be diverted to other things. But, you had to know that one day it would be obvious what you are building. And now the shadow particles have all combined and we can clearly see the structure attempting to block out the sun. Its a tower as foreboding as Babel ever was.

But, your attempts to block our view from light will be in vain. Humanity longs for light and truth and humanity grows impatient when you try to block it. You've gotten away with it for long enough. Now, its time to tear it down, piece by piece if we must. We reveal your works.

Those who believe they can socially engineer society know that in order to do so they must cast shadows over the very things that are the most important. Thus we see the attempts at tearing down the family. Thus we see the attempts at trying to rid our country of our faith and our religions. There has long been an attempt to create a state religion perhaps best described as secularism. It is time to shine the brightest light possible that of Our Creator, Our Father God.

If we are to be successful in this goal to tear down the tower we must put ourselves on a path to do so. We must align ourselves with God. In order to do so we must work to tear down our own personal towers. Are there things we need to repent of? Duh, we are all human and thus perpetually in need of that merciful gift of repentance. In order to do so we must be willing to shine a tremendously bright light into our own lives and hearts to disperse whatever darkness, shadow particles, there are within us. Remember redemption is real and a precious gift, humbly seek it.

I feel to speak of a pattern that I've noticed often. It is very human of us to want to fix problems ourselves. We cast about for solutions within our own finite grasps. Solutions may be found there, but they are rarely the best ones. I think most of us our control freaks. We like knowing we are in charge and when we feel out of control we feel weak. Here's the reality the best answer is always to turn to God, to run to Him even. We are weak, we need Him. The Progressive ilk would have you believe that humanity can solve any issue. But, we know in each one of our hearts that we must humbly turn to God. We need to focus on Him. I would remind you to think of the story of Peter walking on the water. When he kept his eyes on The Lord he could do it. It was when he got distracted by the storm that he began to sink. That is why those who wish to provide human answers will do their utmost to keep us distracted from the real solution, knowing if they keep us focused on the storm we could fall right into their hands. So, focus on The Lord, the greatest source of light and no shadow will prevail.

Only lighted souls can affectively cast out the darkness. God be with you and me in the fight to defend this country and freedom. Let us pray together to know what we must repent of, and move courageously forward doing so.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The A-Team: Mama Grizzlies

From Compassion Versus Guilt by Thomas Sowell. Ch. 4 Politics “Left Versus Right”
“When bright young educated people are choosing careers those who believe in a free market economy often choose careers in that economy. Those opposed to such an economy are more likely to become intellectuals, politicians, lawyers or parts of various liberal or radical movements. For the intellectual and political battles the deck is stacked both quantitatively and qualitatively. The political left sends its A-team into battle against the B-team of its critiques who have their A-team in the market place. The historic drift to the left in the western world over the generations reflects in good part this imbalance in the world of ideas, rather than any success of left wing politics when actually put into practice. Such policies have a record of economic disaster around the world, especially in Communist countries. But, they are roaring success politically in maintaining the support of academic and media intellectuals.”

Thomas Sowell makes an excellent and salient point here. Of course I think most of the things that Sowell says are excellent; the guy is a genius of common sense. And while in that piece he focused on the free market A-team it has recently sunk into me that there is another A-team out there who was focused on what they do best but has now been stirred into political action, moms or as Sarah Palin refers to them “Mama Grizzlies”

Mom’s have chosen to put their families first above all else. They have employed their considerable talents in the most important work they can do, raising their children. Moms in America have historically been able to concentrate on that while trusting that their freedoms are ensured and that their children’s futures will be bright. But, now there is an awakening occurring as people across the country realize that our children’s futures may not be so bright, and our freedoms may not be safe. When moms, who have sacrificed so much for their kids, see danger they will respond.

The various Conservative A-teams are certainly rising up and taking stands, but none so powerfully as the A-team Mama Grizzlies. They had been able to be comfortably in their homes, their caves if you will and just nourish their cubs. But, danger lies at the entrance, and moms aren’t going to take that quietly. There lies within these women every capability necessary to turn things around in this country. And they are realizing it. And I love it.

When danger is on the horizon our very best selves can answer the call to action. Moms sense the need to be involved and they are getting involved in all sorts of areas from local to state to national politics and platforms. Sarah Palin is certainly the most notable of these Mama Grizzlies. She is ever playing that point guard position in this A-team. But, there are some other amazing women stepping up into leadership roles, Nikki Haley, Michele Bachmann, Sharron Angle and a whole host of other women are taking a very public stand. God bless them in their efforts. But, the movement of Mama Grizzlies is also supported at the grass roots level. Its women who show up to tea parties, their children often in tow that are making this movement strong and lasting. Its women deciding to make their voices heard in townhall meetings and city council meetings that are making the roar of the Mama Grizzlies echo across the country. Its women learning the Constitution and history than teaching it to others who are turning the tide back to principles of freedom. God bless the moms of America who are standing up now. They have realized that we must bring our best selves to the fight. They are realizing that no longer can they simply rely on others to do the job for them, so they will get in there and do it themselves.

“If you have a problem if no one else can help. . . maybe you should hire the A-team” Well, the call has been made and the Mama Grizzlies have answered.

And now a corny video for your entertainment.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Darkness and Light

This post will have very little to do with politics.

I spent the weekend with some of the most wonderful people on the planet. It was humbling for me, a perpetual screw-up, to be surrounded by such goodness. They are people that will do whatever they can to further the cause of good and truth and freedom. They unabashedly love their families and their country and God. I was inspired. I felt like there was an increase in light in my life just for the sheer privilege of rubbing shoulders with magnificence. They are people with purpose and with the courage to follow that purpose. I cannot speak highly enough of them and will do whatever I can to support the same cause and to try and follow their example. Today I feel so blessed to have had that increase in light in my life. Thank you C4P community.

I came back to work and have been catching up on writing initial evaluations. I work with beautiful beautiful people who have endured so much ugliness. Facing that again was like this Mack Truck crash of light and dark. Knowing the truth about what some of these dear souls have endured hit me hard. I have to admit I just sat on the floor and cried. Evil exists and it persists. And I hate it. The casualties of darkness are numerous from children being harmed in the worst ways, to women who have to suffer the long term emotional damage of abortion, to any number of things. Casualties need not be fatalities and I and so many good people are working to try and help. But, the stark contrast between darkness and light just seems to be getting clearer.

There is supposed to be both, darkness and light that is the way of it and has been from the beginning. There are seasons when it is darker longer, that is also the way of it. But, God created the sun to rule the day, the moon to rule the night, and even when there is no moon the stars provide some light. No matter how dark it gets the light always rules. In that truth there is incredible hope. There is also hope in knowing that winter does indeed eventually lead to summer. There will come a time when the greatest light of the world will rule at all times.

For now we keep moving forward. We keep trying to battle against the darkness of corruption, immorality, lies and abuse. We keep connecting with others who are people of light and conviction of truth. We know who wins in the end. So, shine the light, be who you are out loud, speak the truth, repent when you screw up, and pray always.

God bless the good people of this world, and God be praised for letting me know so many of them.