Monday, May 30, 2011


Memorial Day, what an important day of observance it is. The purpose is to remember those who've given their lives for this country while serving in our Armed Forces. Its origins in the United States come during The Civil War and aftermath. As I was contemplating this day, in gratitude I remembered having recently watched a documentary about the art of war which highlighted the battle of Gettysburg. Here is part of that video. Watch both parts 8 and 9 for the full story.

Little Round Top became the final and best defense for the Union Army. As I was watching this I wondered how was it that the Union was able to find the absolute best position? How was it that after loss after loss the Union army was able to win this monumentally decisive victory? I then remembered another video I had seen.

What led to the Union victory at Gettysburg? God. A good man and a good leader turned to God in the most dire needs, and God took the matter into His hands.

As we gratefully remember those who've given their lives for our freedom. We should also remember He who is the author and the protector of our freedom. Thanks be to our heroes proved as they stand and fall mercifully in our behalf. And thanks be to Our God who has preserved this nation. We must humbly turn to Him now as ever.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Unknown Soldiers

I have long believed that our soldiers offer us tremendous examples of service and sacrifice. May I offer my grateful congratulations on their efforts this past weekend in bringing Osama bin Laden to justice. Good work everyone, God continue to bless you and your loved ones.

Its important to say a word about President Obama's role in all of this. Some would ask if we Conservatives will give him credit. Totally, I'll definitely give him credit for making the right call. Congratulations and thank-you Mr. President. I support the principles he followed in this matter. Gitmo and enhanced interrogation were key. Mr. President, thanks for allowing the military and the intelligence community to do their jobs, unhindered by your political ideologies. I'd love to see our President apply more Conservative principles and see just how successful they can be too.

This incident has reminded me of a principle that our soldiers are again a tremendous example of, being willing to do the right thing regardless of who knows it. A lot of that comes from perspective. I believe the most important perspective is an eternal one.

To live with an eternal perspective is to know that the choices we make in this life will have eternal consequences, good and bad. It also means that our works are known by God. Those who properly carry this perspective understand that God sees our negative works, but also that our good works may never be known by any but God. In a world where so much attention is paid to celebrity and where everyone is supposed to have at least 15 minutes of it, to continue to do good works whether or not anyone sees is incredibly honorable.

I was thinking about this concept recently as I was reflecting on the sacred experience I had a few years ago of visiting The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The significance of that site is great. Those brave soldiers gave their lives in the defense of freedom and their fellow countrymen. Their names are unknown yet their devotion and their courage is honored. We do not know their names, but I take comfort in the fact that an all-knowing and all loving God does. When they passed from this life, while making the ultimate sacrifice for us, they went to Him who knew their deeds and their sacrifice.

They represent every soldier who has ever fought for us. Countless brave men and women have been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. I marvel at our soldiers. They are willing to heroically and bravely stand in our defense, whether they get praise and recognition or not from the public. I know some, and always tell them thank-you (which seems woefully inadequate). But, it is impossible to know and thank them all. Again I take comfort in knowing that God does know them.

Our soldiers are exemplary, meaning we should strive to be like them. We must be willing to stand up and fight for what is good and right and true, regardless of whether or not anyone knows it. We can rest assured that when it comes to our actions the two most important people will know, ourselves and God.

We must be willing to have God alone know our good works. For Him alone to know the work we do to stand up for the freedom He has granted us.

My name may never be known in any wider circles than my own family. But, God, He knows. He knows my heart and He knows what I'm trying to do. There is honor and then there is valiance. I hope to return to Him with valiance.

Too often I'm guilty of wanting my voice to be heard. But, the only one who matters is Him. I will stand before Him one day and make an accounting of my life. I will make an accounting for what I did with the precious gift of freedom and if I made the way for the freedom of my posterity easier.