Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Secrets We Keep

2 Chronicles 7:14
King James Version (KJV)
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

So, I work with a lot of kids these days in my profession. Its great and fun and very rewarding. But, it also requires a willingness to be able to go through some difficult sessions hearing about difficult things and sometimes facing some defensiveness. Healing so often requires overcoming barriers. One of the barriers that comes up a lot, especially lately with my treatment of children is secrets. Too often secrets are a result of shame and a desire to hide. These types of secrets have a strong tendency to keep children (and let face it adults too) stuck in old and hurtful patterns. Once a client begins to develop a sense of trust it is important to begin to address the secrets they have been keeping that are barriers to healing. There are five common areas in which kids keep secrets that keep them stuck and hurt.

1) Lies they’ve told
2) Things they’ve stolen
3) Things they’ve broken
4) People or animals they’ve hurt
5) Sex things

As you can imagine talking about these five areas can become a bit uncomfortable, especially when shame is involved in keeping the secrets in the first place. But, when these beautiful brave kids begin to open up about their secrets you can start to see a change in their very countenances. Releasing the secrets takes down barriers not just to their pain but also to their hearts. They can begin to really accept the love from others. It’s a difficult but wonderful process and I’m so proud of these kids when they are able to go through it.

The more I’ve thought about this process the more I’ve realized its appropriate for all of us to really address. Of course with my mind the way it works I also see a connection when it comes to our government. I think that in order for there to be real and honest change in our current government they are going to have to reveal all truth, all the things they’ve been trying to hide. Without that, no true healing can take place and we will just continue to see a vicious downward spiral no matter which party is in office.

1) Is there any doubt that our government has told lies. So common are lies that the media barely addresses it anymore. There is simply a wave of the hand dismissing the fibs politicians tell, because that is just what politicians do. There are lies, then there are lies told to cover up the other lies until there is a virtual mountain of lies. Its not just the current congress or current administration, this has been going on for a long time. Is it any wonder that the public has a hard time trusting its government.
2) Stealing is basically taking ownership of something that does not in fact belong to you. I understand the necessity of taxes. We do need to have some order, so we need to have a government and it needs a way to operate. But, when the government instituted the income tax it began to take away something that belongs to us, our property, our income. When the income tax was first introduced the politicians promised it would only be a tax on the wealthiest Americans. Wait you mean they lied?! Shocker. Our government has become addicted in a way to taking our money and using it for all sorts of stuff, that honestly is just unnecessary. They’ve tried to convince us that we need their services. The reality is they are using our money to give us things less effectively than we could get ourselves. They’ve made themselves a necessary middleman. The misuse of our funds needs to have a huge spotlight shone on it. They take from us and then try to convince us its for our own good. That’s enough. Our government needs to learn that they cannot just take without consequence.
3) There is simply no way to adequately address any of these areas when it comes to our government. What have they broken? Well, plenty. Breaking all sorts of laws, and the prescribed measures of the Constitution. They’ve also broken things they’ve said they built for us, Social Security, Medicare etc. Probably the biggest thing they’ve broken is trust. Once that is gone, its very hard to get back. Coming clean with all the things they’ve broken is a start.
4) People they’ve hurt. Again there is probably not a list adequate enough to cover this. The government has made itself out to be some granter of mercy. The reality is that is not their job, and they are harming the merciful processes that belong to the people. They create a problem, and then they’re cure just makes it worse.
5) Sex things. For those who say that character doesn’t matter and that morals are only relative I say bunk. Sexual addictions reveal all sorts of sickness. Morals and character does matter. We are so used to seeing unfaithful politicians that it sometimes barely makes news at all. Being unfaithful to marriage and morals, a commitment which should be second only to our commitment to God, speaks volumes about the ability to stay faithful to other things.

Our country needs a healing, a miraculous one. The only way true healing can take place is if all the secrets our government officials have been keeping are revealed. We need a big ol bright spotlight to shine on all the darkness. That is how we turn from the wicked ways, seek His face and receive that blessing. We must reveal, repent and pray. I have seen miracles. I testify that God can heal our land as He has healed so many things. But, we have to put ourselves in the position to receive that great blessing.