Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thoughts on Governor Palin Not Running

In the end when we are all called before God Our Creator and asked to make an accounting of our lives, He will not ask what positions we held or how much money we made or how many people we influenced. He will ask how we treated the most important people in our lives, our family. Did we put them above other concerns? He will ask what we did with the gifts He gave. Life, Liberty, Responsibility, what did we do with those, and did we defend them not only for ourselves but for our family and those who follow? And He will ask about our hearts. What became of our hearts? Were they turned to Him? Were we filled with compassion and mercy and gratitude? This is the final accounting. There is no possible way for me to know what is truly in Governor Palin’s heart and all the things she has done with her life. But, by their fruits we can know some things. She has a servant’s heart. That service has always centered on her family, then to her community, then of course also to her country. She loves God, her family and her country in that order. I feel the same way. I am disappointed, but I also feel like I understand, not completely but I understand that she is following God’s guidance. I’ve said all along that she has my support whether she runs for president, senate, or straight for the hills to just spend time with her family because I trust that she is guided. If all she does is continue to be a great mom then her life will be a resounding success story. Of course she’ll do more than that and I look forward to standing by her side in standing up for God, family and this blessed country.

Sarah Emily Jordan