Friday, April 8, 2011

Take a Bow

An ancient story is told about a wicked man who wanted to be king. His name was Amalackiah, but I just nickname him, the jerk or wicked dude or something along those lines. I’ll try to summarize it, basically the guy was a terrible human being. He lived in a free land, where people elected their leaders. This jerk sought supporters who were also attracted to power and he hoped they would elect him to be their king. Alas, he did not win enough support and the land remained under free rule. But, this evil guy still wanted to be king. So, what he did he do? He decided to become king of the enemies. He took his loyalists went over to enemy lands and convinced the enemy king to fight against his own people. Here’s where he gets crafty. The leaders of this enemy army were not exactly thrilled with the prospect of going up against the evil dude’s former homeland. They always lost. You see the free nation was also one which relied on God and constantly sought His protection in seeking righteousness. Well, God did protect them and the enemies never won. So, as I said the army was reluctant. Wicked guy decided he needed to win the support of the army so he secretly met with the army leader and won his trust by convincing him he wouldn’t have to go up to fight. Then Mr. Evil slowly poisons the leader of the enemy army. During this process he won the confidence of the army and after the leaders’ death he took control of the army. Then he decides the time is right for the ultimate prize, he still wants to be king. So, he marches back to the enemy king having successfully gathered the army under his new command. The king comes out to greet the servants of total jerk evil guy. The servants take a bow in his presence and when he goes to command them to arise they stab him to death. Well, these servants of evil dude then blame the murder on the kings own servants who had fled (not surprisingly). The wicked man then comforts the queen on the death of her husband, marries the queen and since he’s the leader of the army and the queens new husband he gets named king of the enemy. Nice story eh? Its actually pretty despicable. He ends up going to war with his once homeland and costing countless lives, including his own. This whole event was driven by power lust and the end result was nothing but sorrow.

Now, murder and such is not going on in our highest levels of government (well not that we know of), but certainly the same type of evil attitude is pervasive amongst politicians. Anytime we see our leaders bowing before the supposed powers we should be incredibly suspicious. Too often a bow is just a pretense for a power grab. I must also note that I do not believe there is so much an effort made towards having a king as there is to maintain some sick oligarchy.

You probably think I’m going to talk about our Presidents continuous bowing. Which I admit drives me bonkers. But, actually I was thinking about this subject in relation to the establishment Republicans and the pundits who support them. I’m no longer shocked by the disparagements that these people throw at Governor Palin. I have however started to ponder what it is that drives their attitudes and actions.

To me it seems that they are suffering from a similar paradigm as that evil dude, and his followers. They seek power. And in the end they are willing to bow down in order to offer some pretense of submission when in reality they are looking for any opportunity to grab their own power. I know what you want, Kristol, Frum, Krauthammer, O’Reilly etc. etc. etc. and on and on, you want a piece of the power. You want to have your voice matter to the rest of us, so you tell us what we are supposed to think.

Look the Democrats/Liberals/Progressives/Leftists make their platform and desires easy to spot. The establishment Republicans and their ilk, well they try to thrive in shadows. They look for ways to get what they want while still cloaked in some semblance of Conservatism. Its slimy, gross and I’m on to it and so are a lot of Americans. So, go ahead keep it up people. Keep bowing before the media, seeking their praise, and the left seeking their support. Bow to the slime and the filth and the corruption that has pervaded our government and the media that was supposed to protect us from it. You’ll be exposed. Understand the consequence. You are culpable in the destruction of freedom and the country which has best been its protector. While you continue to try to tear down one of the few political allies America and Americans can truly rely on, we will keep standing beside her and our country. Our freedom is worth the fight. And power will once again rest with who it belongs to, the people. We will keep relying on God and not on your supposed wisdom. We will keep looking for leaders who do the same.