Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dismantling the Castle

Ever since the announcement by the Supreme Court that their decision was to uphold Obamacare I had one thought that has been recurring in my mind its a simple phrase and it goes like this, " you are not the boss of me!"

For far too long we have allowed the government to act like they are the bosses of us when in fact we are the bosses of them. They work for us not the other way around. In a very real sense and in a very real way this is our fault. It's time we took the responsibility back. We the people must stand, must speak the truth and must be heard.

Not long ago I was asked by a friend of what I would do to restore principles of freedom in this country. I told her it would take a very long time. We have to be willing to stay on message and to stay on purpose for at least 100 years. That's how long the Progressives have been doing their work of fundamentally transforming this nation.

For a 100 years the Progressives have been trying to convince the citizens of this nation that we are a Democracy rather than a Republic. One of the messages that I hope people take away from the Obamacare ruling is that our government is not treating it like a Democracy. In the polling done on Obamacare there has never been one time that the majority of the population has supported this outlandish law. I would hope that the population is now disabused of the notion that we are a Democracy. I would hope that the population would realize that our government officials are treating our country as if it is an Oligarchy, and they are the privileged elite few who rule over us. We must disabuse our government officials of this notion.

So how do we do all of this? It will require patience, persistence and a continuing focus on our foundational principles and documents. As I wrote before we must be willing to work for 100 years.

A simple analogy has helped me understand how best to go about our work of restoring this country. We have a Constitution and it is firm and steady. However, the leftists Progressive have built a castle of cards over the top of our Constitution. Not only that but they have surrounded the castle with a moat, an ideology. This moat stinks like nobody's business. The Progressives have steadily worked on two things. First, building the castle. Card by card they have taken responsibilities and ownership of things that belong to the people. Second, they have tried to convince the population that the moat doesn't stink. There is another notion that we must disabuse ourselves of. It is the idea that man can perfect man. The reality is this is not possible. History teaches us this very simple lesson: Man is imperfect, we therefore are incapable of perfecting each other. That reality stares is in the face and in every country in which it has been tried it has failed. It doesn't matter what you name it, socialism, communism, progressivism etc. It always fails because man can not perfect man.

There are two things that we must do in order to restore the principles of freedom in this country. First, we must dismantle the castle. This has to be done systematically, carefully and with tremendous patience and persistence. We start at the top and we take it down card by card. Take down Obamacare, repeal and for right now forget about replace. Repealing Obamacare is an important and necessary first goal. Then we can start on the other stuff. Regulatory commissions must be pared down. It would be unwise to get rid of all of the regulatory commissions at once. I know it requires patience but it must be systematic and careful. This change is going to be painful, the citizenry has grown accustomed to the way our government operates to the regulations they have imposed upon us. I did not describe it as a house of cards because that does not generate a significant enough image. It is massive. Eventually if we are patient and persistent we will be able to take down the cards of Medicare and even Social Security. Its going to take a while and in the meantime we should be taking seriously plans like Paul Ryan's which address these issues systematically and with more immediacy.

The second thing that we must do in order to restore principles of freedom is to with constancy re-teach the citizenry that the moat does in fact stink. Our country was founded with the belief that we the people are agents unto ourselves. We are free to determine the direction of our lives and to enjoy the consequences of our own decisions. This truth must be restored to the minds of the population. It must be repeated often and loudly.

The Obamacare ruling could certainly be disheartening. However, I believe it can solidify in our minds and hearts our responsibilities as citizens of this great nation.

There is one other thing that we must do. We must put ourselves again in the position to have firm reliance on Divine Providence. Again and again God has given us the chance to return to Him. We as individuals, and I include myself, must repent of our pride and our wrongdoings. We as a nation must as Abraham Lincolns said in his time of crisis, " humble ourselves before the offended Power, to confess our national sins, and to pray for clemency and forgiveness." Our crisis is great as is our need. We must recognize that our crisis is a consequence of faulty ideology, of Oligarchic tactics from our government and a steep decline in morality and in reliance on God.

We can heal. Things can be made right. But, as I wrote previously we must be patient and persistent in this important fight. The castle is going to fall, that time is fast approaching, unless with careful and steady deliberation we remove the cards one by one, remembering all the while that the ideology from which these cards sprang is faulty and historically damaging. And of course we must return to Great God Our King.