Monday, May 30, 2011


Memorial Day, what an important day of observance it is. The purpose is to remember those who've given their lives for this country while serving in our Armed Forces. Its origins in the United States come during The Civil War and aftermath. As I was contemplating this day, in gratitude I remembered having recently watched a documentary about the art of war which highlighted the battle of Gettysburg. Here is part of that video. Watch both parts 8 and 9 for the full story.

Little Round Top became the final and best defense for the Union Army. As I was watching this I wondered how was it that the Union was able to find the absolute best position? How was it that after loss after loss the Union army was able to win this monumentally decisive victory? I then remembered another video I had seen.

What led to the Union victory at Gettysburg? God. A good man and a good leader turned to God in the most dire needs, and God took the matter into His hands.

As we gratefully remember those who've given their lives for our freedom. We should also remember He who is the author and the protector of our freedom. Thanks be to our heroes proved as they stand and fall mercifully in our behalf. And thanks be to Our God who has preserved this nation. We must humbly turn to Him now as ever.

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