Friday, July 16, 2010

The A-Team: Mama Grizzlies

From Compassion Versus Guilt by Thomas Sowell. Ch. 4 Politics “Left Versus Right”
“When bright young educated people are choosing careers those who believe in a free market economy often choose careers in that economy. Those opposed to such an economy are more likely to become intellectuals, politicians, lawyers or parts of various liberal or radical movements. For the intellectual and political battles the deck is stacked both quantitatively and qualitatively. The political left sends its A-team into battle against the B-team of its critiques who have their A-team in the market place. The historic drift to the left in the western world over the generations reflects in good part this imbalance in the world of ideas, rather than any success of left wing politics when actually put into practice. Such policies have a record of economic disaster around the world, especially in Communist countries. But, they are roaring success politically in maintaining the support of academic and media intellectuals.”

Thomas Sowell makes an excellent and salient point here. Of course I think most of the things that Sowell says are excellent; the guy is a genius of common sense. And while in that piece he focused on the free market A-team it has recently sunk into me that there is another A-team out there who was focused on what they do best but has now been stirred into political action, moms or as Sarah Palin refers to them “Mama Grizzlies”

Mom’s have chosen to put their families first above all else. They have employed their considerable talents in the most important work they can do, raising their children. Moms in America have historically been able to concentrate on that while trusting that their freedoms are ensured and that their children’s futures will be bright. But, now there is an awakening occurring as people across the country realize that our children’s futures may not be so bright, and our freedoms may not be safe. When moms, who have sacrificed so much for their kids, see danger they will respond.

The various Conservative A-teams are certainly rising up and taking stands, but none so powerfully as the A-team Mama Grizzlies. They had been able to be comfortably in their homes, their caves if you will and just nourish their cubs. But, danger lies at the entrance, and moms aren’t going to take that quietly. There lies within these women every capability necessary to turn things around in this country. And they are realizing it. And I love it.

When danger is on the horizon our very best selves can answer the call to action. Moms sense the need to be involved and they are getting involved in all sorts of areas from local to state to national politics and platforms. Sarah Palin is certainly the most notable of these Mama Grizzlies. She is ever playing that point guard position in this A-team. But, there are some other amazing women stepping up into leadership roles, Nikki Haley, Michele Bachmann, Sharron Angle and a whole host of other women are taking a very public stand. God bless them in their efforts. But, the movement of Mama Grizzlies is also supported at the grass roots level. Its women who show up to tea parties, their children often in tow that are making this movement strong and lasting. Its women deciding to make their voices heard in townhall meetings and city council meetings that are making the roar of the Mama Grizzlies echo across the country. Its women learning the Constitution and history than teaching it to others who are turning the tide back to principles of freedom. God bless the moms of America who are standing up now. They have realized that we must bring our best selves to the fight. They are realizing that no longer can they simply rely on others to do the job for them, so they will get in there and do it themselves.

“If you have a problem if no one else can help. . . maybe you should hire the A-team” Well, the call has been made and the Mama Grizzlies have answered.

And now a corny video for your entertainment.

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