Sunday, July 25, 2010


To the Progressives among us, I know what you are doing. Long have you worked in relative ease as you have done so in secrecy and darkness. Like shadow particles one by one you've laid a foundation and built up a structure hoping we would not notice the gathering gloom. You knew our attention could be diverted to other things. But, you had to know that one day it would be obvious what you are building. And now the shadow particles have all combined and we can clearly see the structure attempting to block out the sun. Its a tower as foreboding as Babel ever was.

But, your attempts to block our view from light will be in vain. Humanity longs for light and truth and humanity grows impatient when you try to block it. You've gotten away with it for long enough. Now, its time to tear it down, piece by piece if we must. We reveal your works.

Those who believe they can socially engineer society know that in order to do so they must cast shadows over the very things that are the most important. Thus we see the attempts at tearing down the family. Thus we see the attempts at trying to rid our country of our faith and our religions. There has long been an attempt to create a state religion perhaps best described as secularism. It is time to shine the brightest light possible that of Our Creator, Our Father God.

If we are to be successful in this goal to tear down the tower we must put ourselves on a path to do so. We must align ourselves with God. In order to do so we must work to tear down our own personal towers. Are there things we need to repent of? Duh, we are all human and thus perpetually in need of that merciful gift of repentance. In order to do so we must be willing to shine a tremendously bright light into our own lives and hearts to disperse whatever darkness, shadow particles, there are within us. Remember redemption is real and a precious gift, humbly seek it.

I feel to speak of a pattern that I've noticed often. It is very human of us to want to fix problems ourselves. We cast about for solutions within our own finite grasps. Solutions may be found there, but they are rarely the best ones. I think most of us our control freaks. We like knowing we are in charge and when we feel out of control we feel weak. Here's the reality the best answer is always to turn to God, to run to Him even. We are weak, we need Him. The Progressive ilk would have you believe that humanity can solve any issue. But, we know in each one of our hearts that we must humbly turn to God. We need to focus on Him. I would remind you to think of the story of Peter walking on the water. When he kept his eyes on The Lord he could do it. It was when he got distracted by the storm that he began to sink. That is why those who wish to provide human answers will do their utmost to keep us distracted from the real solution, knowing if they keep us focused on the storm we could fall right into their hands. So, focus on The Lord, the greatest source of light and no shadow will prevail.

Only lighted souls can affectively cast out the darkness. God be with you and me in the fight to defend this country and freedom. Let us pray together to know what we must repent of, and move courageously forward doing so.

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