Friday, January 29, 2010

AIRI: "Bush Did It Too" Is A Lousy Excuse

Do I really need to say anymore than the title? I just hear this excuse so often when people complain about the current trajectory of the Obama administration. When I hear somebody say that I always comment to whoever is there or to the room at large (sometimes its just me an my teddy bear, poor bear has to put up with me) "so what you're saying is you agree with Bush." The people who wanted to change with President Obama have really only seen a few significant changes, they are speed and rate.

Obama is doing so many of the same things that George Bush did but just more so. More spending, more rapidly and with more damage. Using "Bush did it too" means that if you are okay with Obama doing it, than you must be okay with Bush having done so. I don't agree with either one. Stop borrowing and spending us into oblivion. Stop growing government. Two wrongs still don't make a right, that hasn't changed after all of these years.

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