Friday, January 29, 2010

AIRI: Abortion Hurts

That is a reality. I've made no secret about being pro-life, having blogged about the issue on multiple occasions. There are a number of reasons why I am pro-life, and one of the reasons, I have talked about before, is because of the effects abortion has on the women who have them. I've written about the emotional effects, which I've seen first hand as a counselor. There are also some physical effects that I wish more people were aware of. I've recently happened upon a good informative website which presents research and discussions of physical and emotional effects of abortion. It is at I would encourage people to check the site out to learn more.

I would like to address another aspect, the spiritual effect. God's final crowning creation was woman. What an amazing yet true statement that is. It was only after creating mankind, finishing with woman that He saw that His creation was VERY good. To us, His crowning creation, He gave the gift and power of giving life. We have within us a divine nature, because we are His daughters, but also because He has entrusted us with the power to give life. It is a sacred gift, and with any gift and power of God, it comes with responsibilities and consequences. Giving life to another human being is a miracle. Regardless of what circumstances led to the pregnancy the life itself is sacred and should be honored as such.

When a woman endowed with the power to give life, instead ends that life it is an offense to her divine nature. It hurts spiritually. It seperates us more from God, than we already are as a result of mortality. It also seperates us from our true selves as His daughters. I realize that this kind of hurt may not seem significant to some, but I personally feel that this reality needs more attention in the conversation.

I do not post these comments as a condemnation upon women who have had an abortion. That is not my place to do so. I post this as a reality check to all of us to understand that our actions have not just temporal impact but eternal consequences. Please dear women, daughters of God, princesses and heirs to His kingdom, consider this reality. Be who you are, who you really are. Trust in God and His ability to see you through any trial. Seek Him and His direction and He will be found, and in the process you will find yourself as He made you holy, lovely, and strong.

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