Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To Our Nation

I’m leaving on a jet plane for Washington D.C. tomorrow morning. I’m way excited to stand with fellow Americans on the 12th. We all want our voices to be heard. If I had the opportunity to speak to my government and especially my fellow Americans I think it would go a little something like this. (some of this will sound familiar :)

I believe in the greatness of this nation. We are a nation who trusts in God. We are a nation of freedom. We are a nation whose greatness is manifest in the lives of its citizens. A Constitution was established by our Founding Fathers. The greatness of that Constitution is that the laws that were established allow the inhabitants of this land to become their greatest selves.

This nation was established with principles of freedom. One of those principles is justice. We are a Republic, meaning we are ruled by law. Those laws should uphold our divinely bestowed rights and our precious freedoms. The law as Aristotle once stated, is reason free from passion. I believe that includes compassion. Justice does not mean everyone gets everything they want. It means our freedoms to work for them ourselves is assured.

I understand and so did our founders that there would be many who would struggle through life destitute, alone, injured and needy. But, they trusted that principles of freedom would ensure the best possible chance for the people in whatever station. Principles such as a free market, the genius of which would eventually lead to the wealthiest nation in the world. Principles of limited government, allowing individuals the opportunity to prosper and develop and personally progress. The Constitution is itself a protector of freedom. Within its very structures they placed an ability to amend in order to best protect freedom.

Our founders trusted that a free nation would best engender a moral people. This is one of the reasons why freedom of religion is so important. A moral people would be a merciful people, they would serve others without being compelled by their government. Mercy belongs to the people. We are meant to be compassionate to one another.

Why do so many Americans fear that their freedoms are under attack? It’s because they are. That limited government has been ever increasing and ever encroaching. We hear it is for our own good and yet continue to see a deterioration of personal freedom and compassion. The free market system, which of design has ups and downs has not been left free to correct itself. Government interference has weakened our economy. We have descended from wealthiest nation to most deeply in debt. We owe money to other countries. We owe money to our seniors who believed their investments in such things as social security and medicare would be secure. We owe money to our children and their children.

We've been told that our Constitution is a living document rather than a sturdy edifice. We've been told that to progress we must change our laws not merely by its prescribed measures, within its structures, but rather that the structures themselves be altered or even abolished.

And our job, mercy, compassion is being stolen by a government again trying to convince us they know what is best. They will take care of us so we don't have to worry about our neighbor. They wish us not to struggle, yet that is how we grow.

I say to Americans now it is time for us to take back mercy. This nation is great because its people are great. The hearts of Americans beat in a unified compassion for our fellow man.

Government I speak to you now as a single entity. Let us take care of the poor, and downtrodden. We know better than you, our government, which has every need handed to them by us. Let us love our neighbors including those on our Southern border. I ask you to do your job, of upholding the law, of being just. If you do that than there will be a decrease in malice and the citizens can better serve each other and our beautiful neighbors occupied by beautiful souls who want the same as every American, to live free. Government cannot do that for government is bound by the will of the people. But, the people know freedom, let us freely give and teach principles of freedom that others may find it for themselves in their own land or here if they wish to properly come.

I feel compelled to speak of one of the greatest examples of mercy in our nation. I speak of our soldiers, men and women who love mercy more than life. They do what you, our government, seem unwilling to do, they sacrifice, and they serve without regard for themselves. Let us, the people, embrace the families of the lost. For we know loss. For the heroes who return home, who had been willing to die for us, let us ask them now to live. Let us fill them with hope. Hope not in the government but hope that with the freedom they have guaranteed they and us can continue to make the world a better, safer, freer place. We owe that to them, to give hope in place of despair and purpose in living.

Government unleash the mightiest power in the land, the people and their compassion. You do that by only doing your job, by limiting yourself so our potential to progress individually becomes unlimited. Do you want the world to be a better place? Than let us make it so. Your attempts at force will only breed apathy on one hand and resentment on the other. I say to you now with all the conviction of a freedom loving soul, release us! Our nation will be better for it. Release us, with our God given rights and God given attributes. We the people are the best stewards of one another.

To you now my fellow Americans we say in God we trust. Let us act upon that trust knowing we will be supported and sustained. God will uphold those who call upon His name and I ask the leaders, the citizens, the soldiers, all freedom loving people to do so now in this our hour of decision.

Do we choose security or freedom? Do we choose debt over our children's future? Will you plead for the right to be merciful or let government continue to hijack that role?
Do we trust in government or do we trust in God?
Rise up for a peaceful victory America. Restore your principles of freedom, that serenity, prosperity and compassion can endure now and in generations to come. It is our sacred duty. I pledge my allegiance to this nation, its people and its divine purpose.

God bless America and Americans.

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