Friday, September 4, 2009

Restoring Power

I think the following video represents what the government thinks of itself.

I wanted to start this post out with that clip mostly because I thought it was humorous. I thought of several of our politicians who could fit into those He-Man roles (who’s the lucky dog who gets to be Orco?) But, I will warn you that I'm attempting to go kinda deep with the subject. So, here goes.

The greatest source of power in this nation is the God in whom we trust. He has, divinely and mercifully, granted to us the power of freedom and unalienable rights. Our government only holds the power that we the people give to it. That's right the government is farther down the totem pole. But, it seems the government has forgotten that.

We need true principles of power restored to the government mindset. I'd like to speak of power in terms of how it is viewed and used, obtained and properly meted out. I like to simplify things and one way to do so is to look at the extremes.

Forgive me for going all religious here, but I've previously outed myself as a right wing religious nut-job so I'm not going to stress about it. Spiritually speaking the two extremes of power are the Savior Jesus Christ and of course the devil (I never capitalize him).

I'll speak of the latter first. Interestingly enough satan, the little turdbeast (he's one of the few individuals I have no problem insulting), has been given some power. God in His infinite wisdom knew that in order for us to learn and grow we would need opposition and trials. The devil, aka the serpent, aka loser jerk, was given power to bruise the heel of Adam and his posterity. We were given the power to bruise his head, the vomitous mass. The devil realizes that he is in actuality pretty weak. However, he uses his limited power to its farthest extent causing trouble, heartache, contention and in short misery. He is the tyrant of tyrants, the never merciful master, and I bet he smells really bad. He seeks power by trying to take it from us. He is a jealous spineless (literally because he can't even get a body, sucka!) moron whose whole purpose is to gain power, for he knows with full clarity just how insignificant and limited he is.

Contrast the devil with The Savior. The most powerful person ever to dwell on the earth was also its most humble, meek and service oriented. He, Divinity, descended below all men in living a mortal life and then sacrificing everything for the benefit of others, including His life. The only thing He ever took was our sins upon Himself. Other than that He was all about giving. He is ever powerful, and only uses that power to give us power, its called grace.

These extremes demonstrate an important aspect of power. For those who seek to be humble and to serve, power is a result which then can be used to further serve others. For those who seek power they realize how weak they are and thus have to spend all their time trying to get power in order to decrease the affect of their abject weakness. That is the case with all tyrants. They are daily reminded that they are weak and that their pretended power is frail, and can fail. As soon as there is one or more among their oppressed who realizes that their oppressor truly has limited power the oppressed can rise up. Tyrants fall.

Power is a result of humility. Those who look upon power with humility and use it to continue serving will find that it becomes limitless. But, caution must be observed. For, as soon as power is viewed as the goal, rather than as a byproduct benefit for good, it becomes a menace for its seeker.

There are a couple of subjects I'd like to address as sources of power, sacrifice and morality.

I remind you of the example of The Savior. He sacrificed everything for those He loved, that's all of us. We are asked by Him to also make sacrifices. Why? Because He wishes to endow us with power from on high. By sacrificing we become more like Him. Those who lose themselves in service truly find themselves. The more we love and serve others, the more our true selves are freed. I reiterate that those who seek power only realize they're weak. But, those who freely acknowledge they are weak in humility can put themselves humbly in a position to receive the blessings God is so willing to give. Sacrifice is a blessing given by God to connect us with Him.

Morality is a concept that I could go on and on about. It is in short about being our true selves and not being controlled by our base and mortal tendencies. I love the truth that we are not mortal beings who sometimes have spiritual experiences. Rather we are spiritual beings having a mortal experience. A moral person does not elevate themselves and their mortal tendencies over the needs of others. For instance, this is why it is immoral to pass debt onto our children which puts your desires above the welfare of others. If we can control our spending to only what we can afford we are being financially moral.

I view the commandments of God as codes for moral conduct that if observed actually are sources of freedom and power. Let's take the commandment to be sexually moral. I would challenge anyone to ask themselves how many social ills of the world would be solved by people resolving to keep just this one commandment. It's pretty darn powerful.

Like I said I could go on and on but I'll leave it at that. Sacrifice and morality are principles of humility which in turn are empowering.

So, now the question is 'What the heck does any of this have to do with politics/government?' Well, you can probably guess. I feel the government knows its power is only granted by the people. It knows its weakness and it is continually trying to seek more power. Government administrations even seem to couch these power grabs by appealing to our nature of service and our morality. I know that President Obama has called on us to make sacrifices. But, that is just not his place to do so. We should be asking that of him and all our government officials. 'Hey guys! Why don't you sacrifice some of your power, limit yourselves, and stop spending so much money that you don't even have.' They ask, sometimes demand, more power saying it’s for our own good, so that we can be taken care of. President Obama has stated that healthcare reform is a moral obligation. Excuse me, but you the government have no right to tell us what our moral obligation is, especially when so many of your actions are flat out immoral (see previous comments regarding debt). I refer you to the beginning of the post (including the He-Man video:). The government has no right or power but what we give it. They have no right to ask us for more.

The government should instead humbly limit itself. They should truly be serving. Our founders never envisioned a political class that would seek political positions in order to have power and money. Scratch that, they probably did envision that a government could become like that and set up checks and balances to prevent it. But, the Constitution has been under attack for a while (thank-you Progressives). If politicians were truly public servants they would limit power and money.

Remember how I was talking about that slimy piece of worm ridden filth satan? He has power to bruise our heel but we have power to bruise his head. The head is a heck of a lot more vulnerable than the heel. If we truly decided to enact that power the dude would finally be the wash up he truly is. Now, I by no means wish to trample the government or take up arms against the government. But, they need to know that causing repeated injuries, continuing to bruise us, though they may think they can control us, may instead just wake us up to our responsibility to keep our own government in check.

The greatest source of power in this nation is the God in whom we trust. He has, divinely and mercifully, granted to us the power of freedom and unalienable rights. Our government only holds the power that we the people give to it. That's right the government is farther down the totem pole. It is time they were reminded of that.


rychelle said...

I am Adam Prince of Eternia, well maybe not yet. By the way that is one of W's fav. cartoons. Great ideas on power.

Lemon Cakes

Deena said...

I really appreciate your reminder of where all true strength and power comes from. I choose to be a follower of Jesus Christ