Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fasting for the Republic

I took up the challenge from Glenn Beck yesterday and fasted and prayed for the Republic. My experience with it was in a word, peace. Things are going to be better than okay, they are going to be amazing.

That does not mean that we sit back and watch things happen. Rather it means we do our part. The greatest source of power in this nation is the God in whom we trust. He has gracefully granted us access to that power by means of our faith. I've long thought that one of the best definitions of faith is putting yourself in the position to receive the blessings God so wants to give.

We put ourselves in position by praying for our own souls, for our families and loved ones, and for our enemies. We stand in holy places, firm and resolute, perhaps the holiest place is within our own homes. We face trials with an assurance that though they be difficult God will sanctify them for our benefit and the welfare of others. We support each other, even and maybe especially when we don't agree on everything, for we agree on the most important things. This country needs to be heading in a better, more correct direction. We stand up with courage even if we do feel frightened. We love and we serve.

As we do our part we will see miracles. We will see the faithful walk into lion's dens and survive. We will see the seemingly small and weak defeat giants. We will see impossible paths open while enemies are halted. We will see blind eyes opened, deaf ears hearing, and maybe just maybe some changed hearts.

We humbly ask for God to bless America. First and foremost though we acknowledge that He already has, that He does, and will continue to do so as we trust in Him.

It's a glorious time, come what may and love it. Know with assurity that we are not just in God's hands, we are in His arms. And knowing that how could the answer be anything but peace.

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