Wednesday, July 22, 2009

In Response

I'm sure I'm not alone in stewing over this latest ethics nonsense. Well, if something stews for too long, it eventually has to let off steam. I posted this over at and decided to post it here as well.

I'm not someone who gets angry easily. But, there is one thing that usually gets to me, injustice. Governor Sarah Palin has been so mistreated by so many, that I have found myself getting angry far more often than I would like. By the way prayer is a good tool for assisting in alleviating the anger.

This latest nonsense is wrong on many levels. But, there is one issue that bothers me above all else, the breach in confidentiality. I am a Mental Health Counselor by profession. Confidentiality is absolutely paramount in the counselor/client relationship. A breach in confidentiality is an assault on trust. Once that is gone the relationship is good for nothing.

It is very obvious to me why confidentiality was important in this matter. It was an ongoing investigation. The report was a preliminary opinion. That opinion than can be challenged and further investigation can proceed. It is obvious by statements from Sarah Palin and Kristan Cole that the investigation is continuing. The breach in confidentiality at this point, undermines the whole investigation. It is also obvious in the report that there has been no ethics violation; the Governor has not touched the money in the fund. The suggestion by the media that she has done anything unethical is contrary to the report that they have unethically brought to light.

Kim Chatman, an individual who touts herself as a champion for ethics has exposed herself as completely unethical. She claims that she was not the source of the leak to the AP. That to me is a clever way of covering up her lack of ethics. Kim, you told somebody that is obvious. Confidentiality does not just mean don't tell the media, it means keep it to yourself. Your abuse of the system and your unethical behavior may have cost your state over half a million dollars. All because of a political agenda. Your Governor did not want the state to foot the bill. You may have forced that to occur.

To Rachel D'Oro and the MSM as a whole. Were a counselor guilty of violating confidentiality the way you have, that counselor would be stripped of their license and have to find a new career. You have exposed yourself as completely unethical. All for the sake of continuing your agenda of the destruction of a woman for some reason you find threatening. I hold an unconditional positive regard for humanity and individuals, and still maintain that view even for media members. However, you have lost something that I'm sure will not matter to you in the slightest, my respect, or what little I had left. It can be earned back but will take a lot of honest effort.

The media repeatedly violates the trust the public places in them. If they cannot be trusted to maintain confidentiality they cannot be trusted with information as a whole.

That Sarah Palin is made out to be some perpetrator of unethical behavior sickens me. This meme is spread by those whose unethical behavior screams out to any reasonable thinker. It is unjust. Such an egregious act as violating confidentiality should have a just recompense. Again a counselor would be stripped of their license. I'm not sure what can be done in the matter. So, I'm left disheartened and disappointed and saddened by the state of affairs we now find ourselves.

God bless Sarah Palin and her family. May they continue to be sustained. God bless Alaska, I truly wish the best for that beautiful state. God bless America, may some sanity and respect for moral and ethical decency be restored.

Sarah Emily Jordan, MA, LMHC.

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