Wednesday, July 8, 2009

History Lessons #4

Some of the most historically significant lessons we need to remember are the ones that take place in our own personal lives.

I have, particularly of late, been doing quite a bit of soul searching. This has included prayer and even fasting. I want to know what path I should take in my life. I want to do what God wants me to do.

One such recent search turned up some surprising and yet personally significant results. I was reminded that no matter what paths my life might take I must stay firmly planted in my personal foundations. I was also reminded of how important powerful and peaceful experiences can serve as points of inspiration and perspective.

My personal foundations are God, family, country and service. It is absolutely necessary that these remain priorities for me. For when they are lined up correctly the field of vision is exactly what it should be.

God blesses those who obediently seek them with powerful spiritual experiences that serve as reminders of who we individually are, and what business we ought to be about. Moments when we are at peace with God and with ourselves. Times when we are touched by the reality that we are not just in His hands but in His arms. We are blessed with moments of loving and fun times with family and friends. All these serve as reminders and highlights as we trudge through the walk that is mortality. They are the experiences that we can draw on when the battle gets rough. Vistas make the valleys length, breadth and purpose clear.

History teaches us the importance of remembering and learning from experience. As we draw upon our personal histories we ought to remember who we are, and where we should be heading. Our personal foundations will keep us strong and steady as we head there.

God Bless
Sarah Emily Jordan

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