Tuesday, July 7, 2009

History Lessons #1

(I've had quite a few thoughts about historical precedence and what that teaches us about our time. Most of the things I have thought about are not really all that related to each other, so I decided to separate some historical thoughts into smaller posts.)

Some of the greatest most spiritually uplifting moments in the history of the world have been accompanied by some of the most evil acts. It is an unfortunate reality that as God manifests His merciful arm, the adversary tries to flex his limited yet powerful muscles too.

I think of Moses, the great prophet of the Old Testament, revered by Jews and Christians alike. He was destined to be sent forth to free God's people. But, at the time of his birth the wicked Pharaoh ordered the slaughter of innocent children.

Christ's birth, truly one of the greatest moments historically, was also accompanied by a similar evil. Wicked and tyrannical king Herod ordered the deaths again of innocent children.

Today, we live in what Ephesians 1:10 calls "the dispensation of the fulness of times." That is we are preparing for the return of the King. We stand on the precipice of the greatest age, when peace will reign. It is unsurprising that at such an amazing historical time the devil and all his minions have unleashed upon this age yet another slaughter of the innocent. But, just because it is unsurprising does not mean we ought to stand by and apathetically watch it happen.

Couched in promises of freedom political leaders have convinced millions that to truly be free they must be immune from consequences and responsibility. How evil to trade a life for a vote in order to gain power, how tyrannical.

One day with clarity of truth all will look back on abortion as the abomination it truly is.

I know Christ is coming again. I know that one day I will have to stand before Him and make an accounting of my life. I want to be able to be in His presence with a pure heart and clean hands. I want to be able to tell Him with confidence and humility that I did my part to fight against evil in this world. Whatever I can do to help the pro-life cause in a meaningful way I will do.

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Deena said...

Thank you for this powerful reminder of the evil acts of slaudering the inocent children. The link back historically is very enlightening.