Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thoughts and Prayers

I along with the rest of America watched with horror and a deep sadness as events unfolded in Tucson Arizona this past Saturday. Words simply cannot express the atrocity of it all. Events like that offend every sense that is America. I have spent much time on my knees praying as well as keeping a prayer in my heart. I pray for the much needed comfort for the families and other loved ones of those murdered. I pray for the continued recovery of those wounded and blessings upon their loved ones as well. I'm very mindful of Representative Gabrielle Giffords whose survival is in a word miraculous. An attempted political assassination is so unthinkable that getting my mind around it is difficult. I pray for the nation to be able to recover. I pray in gratitude for the interventions in her and others behalfs and for the bravery of those who put a stop to it all. In times of such tragedy our best source of comfort and guidance is God, and as a nation we ought to unitedly turn to Him.

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