Friday, January 14, 2011

A Powerful Turning Point

I dearly and sincerely wish my previous post was the final word on the Arizona tragedy. Unfortunately this event marked a major turning point. Whatever frayed thread still connected the “mainstream” media to the American public has now been severed, by the media. I’ve long noted and pointed out the extreme bias and agenda driven coverage in the media. But, the behavior from so much of the left and media over this tragedy is beyond anything I’ve seen. So intent are they on tearing down any who stand for the Constitution and Conservative values that they barely made it a few hours before placing the blame for the shooting on the Tea Party, Conservative radio and Sarah Palin. It has been such a disgusting display I could hardly fathom it, particularly when my thoughts were still centered on the tragedy itself.

So, “mainstream” media I’m going to attempt to briefly explain two concepts with which you seem to have an inability to understand (likely on purpose), power and Sarah Palin.

Those who seek for power only realize how little power they actually have. That realization is hard for a power seeker to deal with. So, they end up trying to take more and more of it. This is where tyrants come from. It doesn’t matter if they want power in order to do good things. If power is the goal than a tyranny is the eventual outcome. The agenda that seems to drive so much of the “mainstream” media is a “Progressive” one. For some reason government is the go to answer for all that ails society. The media has become a cheerleader for Progressivism. The media in a way has caused more frustration for me than the government because their job was to protect us from government not to promote it.

An ironic thing about power is that those who end up with the most actual power are those for whom power was not the goal. For those who sincerely and genuinely want to serve, power ends up being a byproduct. But, because power wasn’t the goal, they use power to meet their end goal of serving. There are three principles which really do lead to power that I’d like to explain: sacrifice, morality and consecration.

Sacrifice means giving up something. And if your goal is service it often means giving of yourself and giving up something you have for the benefit of others. Here’s an example; Sarah Palin gave up political power in order to better serve her family, her state and her country. It was a huge political risk, one that so many in the media assured us would result in her political demise. But, it cannot have escaped your notice that she’s actually more powerful now. You in the media cover her re-tweets for crying out loud. She sacrificed with the goal of serving and she ended up with more power. Imagine what would happen in the media if you sacrificed your agenda in favor of serving the people by providing us with knowledge rather than you bias. Knowledge of truth really is power.

Morality is doing what is right because it is right. It means being congruent with what you know to be true. It means not putting your wants above the needs of others. When a person is moral they are able to act as their whole selves, there is no divided allegiance, there is truth and living it. Sarah Palin lives what she professes, in other words she walks the walk. For example, she is pro-life in belief and action, thus bringing the precious gift of Trig into the world. You in the media seem to operate with “moral relativism” meaning you’re moral if you say you are regardless of whether or not it’s true. Our need is to be informed, yet you continue to want to push your own agenda, thus ignoring our need, even to the point of manipulating the public with false information.

Consecration is dedicating oneself to a cause greater than self. Sarah Palin has consecrated her life to her husband and children. She consecrated herself in service to her city, state and country. But, before she did any of those things she first consecrated her life to God. There is no better ally. You in the media, if you’ve consecrated yourselves at all it has been to ideology and agenda. That master will not uphold you. A tyranny will control you as much as it will try to control any of us. Only God can truly set us free. As a country we proclaim “In God We Trust”, it has only been because this nation has turned to Him that we’ve been upheld in every trial. There is no greater place to turn to. Sarah Palin understands that and has called on us to turn to Him. You in the media continue to ask us to turn to government. You’ve chosen the weak side.

Media because you do not understand power you completely missed the opportunities to tell the real stories of the Arizona tragedy. You should have reported the tragedy as it happened without editorializing and finger pointing. Your job is to tell the truth. You could have told us of the lives lost and families suffering. You could have told us of the miracles of comfort, of the right people being in the right places to help, of courage. It could have been the power to unify, but instead you continued to seek for power and control over the people you claim to serve. The result is division and further weakening of your role.

As for your continued attacks on Governor Palin, you in the media have attempted time and again to engage in a power struggle that she is not willing to join. She only wants to serve. You end up wrestling yourselves and in the process become fatigued beyond the point of being able to reason and/or function properly. Step back and realize that your real power lies in serving the people, in providing knowledge. As for your view of Governor Palin’s power you seem to focus on only whether or not she will run for and win the presidency. But, surely there must be a part of you that realizes that keeping her from the presidency is not going to end her power, else why would you be working overtime to not just damage her chances but to destroy her as a person. You’ve branded her an accomplice to murder. Is there any lower you can go? But, you will not limit her power, because that is not what she seeks. She seeks to serve her family, country and God. It may well be that she will wield that power as President of The United States, I certainly hope she does. But, if she decides not to run, rest assured her power will far surpass any of your supposed power.

Media you’ve turned the corner, you’ve revealed yourselves to be power mongers, weakened by your struggle for it. You’ve revealed your intention towards a centralized government of control. So I say “so long” to your influence over common sense Americans. The power is with the people, as it always has been. If the time should come when you feel up to trying to actually serve in your role of informing the public I’m sure there will be a place for you. Try for some humility and remorse and a real desire to serve. In the meantime I’ll continue to stand for and support those, like Sarah Palin who really seek to serve.