Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Is The Beginning of 2012

So, I have this odd feeling about this new year. It feels like its not just the start of 2011, but that its also the start of 2012. Now, that might just be a coping mechanism, a way to shorten the Obama Presidency in my mind, or to deal with the reality that there are no Olympics this year. But, I think its just a reflection of the critical time we live in. The country is literally at a crossroads and our decisions in the next two years are going to be influential long past our own generation. I want to be ready to hit the ground running to restore the true principles of freedom that this country was founded on, and that provided the means for greatness.

Sarah Palin has written and/or said a lot of things that have inspired me and made me ponder and seek for guidance and answers. There have been a couple of messages recently that have really stuck with me. She has said in multiple interviews during her promotion of her latest book, that we are to be salt and light. This is a message taught by Jesus Christ, and I very much believe in its importance. But, I think that the Governor has used that particular message very purposefully. It is poignant and pertinent in our efforts now.

Salt is used to preserve. What an incredibly necessary role we all have to play at this time in preserving the principles of freedom and the sacred Founding Documents which outline those principles and provide guidance for governance. I recently heard some liberal spout off a favorite talking point that dissension is the highest form of patriotism (of course they don't use that saying much these days because they want us all to get along . . . with them). I said out loud to my T.V. "Hogwash! No it isn't!" or something to that effect :). Dissension is not the highest form of patriotism. The highest form of patriotism is fidelity to true principles of freedom. That fidelity sometimes necessitates dissension, it certainly did for our Founders, but the dissension itself is not the clearest indicator of our patriotism. We must seek to preserve what is truly freedom, the freedom to succeed and the freedom to fail, the freedom to choose our own way in life and not be dictated to. We must be dedicated to the same cause for which our Founding Fathers and Mothers were dedicated, the knowledge that all men are Created equal with certain inalienable rights. We seek to preserve our God given rights, not to create new ones. The fire of freedom has not gone out, but it is certainly weaker and is in danger. Preserve and strengthen it.

Light helps us to see clearly. Thus light and truth are often synonymous. We must get the truth out there. We must get the truth out about Sarah Palin specifically, the contributors here are doing a marvelous job. We must also seek for and shine bright lights on the truth about American Exceptionalism. We must broadcast what is great about America, with the humility afforded to those who recognize blessings. We must also seek for and tell the truth about those who would destroy the true principles of freedom. Progressivism is tending more and more towards tyranny. Progressives would have us believe that the government can take care of us. They would have us believe that to suffer is a great and unnecessary tragedy. They would rob us of our ability to grow. Here is a truth that must be told. Life is full of tragedy and triumph. The tragedy is not the real story, the triumph is. And the triumph isn't just in overcoming the tragedy, it's what you become in the process of overcoming. And the very best way to overcome the tragedy is with the help of Our Creator, the giver of rights and freedom and personal peace. He knows us best and knows what we can become and He will help us on our way. We can be made far better people with His help than we could on our own. This nation, while far from perfect, was founded in a way which grants the citizens the best opportunity to become our best selves. Our rights are guaranteed and should be treasured. That truth needs to be preserved and shared.

The other message from Governor Palin which has really stuck with me was from the National Review article she authored just following the mid-term elections. In it she says this, "The meaning of the 2010 election was rebuke, reject, and repeal. We rebuked Washington’s power grab, rejected this unwanted 'fundamental transformation of America,' and began the process to repeal the dangerous policies inflicted on us. But this theme will only complement the theme of 2012, which is renew, revive, and restore. In 2012, we need to renew our optimistic, pioneering spirit, revive our free-market system, and restore constitutional limits and our standing in the world as the abiding beacon of freedom."

I don't think I can add much to this wonderfully succinct and clear message. But, those words "Renew, Revive, and Restore" have played over and over again on my mind. That really is what its all about. 2011 is the beginning of 2012. Our mission is clear, Governor Palin laid it out beautifully. This message should be spread far and wide, shouted from rooftops, made into bumper stickers, baked into berry pies (reference to the movie Amazing Grace :), whatever we need to do to get it out there. Americans want that. Americans still believe in the principles that are just waiting to be renewed, revived and restored.

Might it require dissension? Well, yeah especially since Progressives are ruling and stand in stark contrast to what America really represents. But, it won't be just for dissensions sake, its because we are faithful to freedom.

I look forward with great anticipation to what these next couple of years will bring. I'm quite certain that there will be difficulties. But, I'm also certain that there are going to be amazing things happen as well. I have the remarkable blessing to be associated with amazing people who are examples to me of faith and courage and steadfastness. May we continue faithful and true, and may the joys overcome the trials. Go USA!!!

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R. Durfee said...

Well said Sarah. I was thinking about what you said about tragedy and triumph (and since you mentioned the Olympics...)I was thinking about how the most interesting and inspiring stories to me during the Olympics are of athletes that have faced personal tragedies and hardships. Then the beauty is how they were able to overcome it through hard work and their unconquerable spirit. I we can't understand true joy if we have never dealt with some struggles.