Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Great Society

This might be a little controversial but I’m going to write it anyway. A Great Society is possible. A society in which there are no poor, and everybody is truly equal can actually happen. We have a prescription for making it come to pass. It would mean every individual fully embracing the commandments of God. That’s it, that’s the solution to the nations and in fact the worlds problems. We just need to follow the path that Our Creator has outlined for us. If people individually made the decision and the commitment to follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ we would be absolutely enveloped in peace and safety.

Tell people that the true path to freedom and peace is living the Gospel of Jesus Christ and boy will you get shot down in our society today. The thought of encouraging people to live the commandments fill the leftists with horror. They would say that you cannot force people to do that. To that I say *Ding Ding Ding* you got it! To force people to live a certain way is antithetical to God’s way. He has given us life, and He has also given us the sacred gift to direct our lives. That is why a Great Society could only be achieved by people CHOOSING to follow the path God has laid out for us.

So, yes I agree it cannot be forced. But, than I need to point out, that while many on the left balk at the idea of forcing people to be religious at the same time they would attempt to try to force their agenda on the populace. The leftist ideologues preach their own “enlightened” prescriptions for societal greatness. They know that in order to push through their agenda they have to mandate it to the people. In a real sense they believe themselves to be better than God, and in their arrogance they are driving society to the brink of failure, slavery and destruction. In their arrogance they look to themselves as the answer for perfection, denying the truth that that kind of miracle would only be possible through Divine help.

People have been taught and now embrace the teaching that freedom means escaping responsibility and consequences. Our society today is propping up bad behavior by trying to absolve people from the consequences of that behavior. Abortion is the most glaring example of this attitude. The result of teaching that freedom is to be free from consequence is that excuse after excuse and escape after escape has to be put in place to try to cover for all the unintended consequences that follow. Those excuses and escapes come in the form of more control from those in power, laws mandating what people must do, laws that redistribute property, including money, laws that do away with life in order to make way for more irresponsibility.

Our government attempts to perfect society and yet is turning its back on the principles that if individually applied would actually create a wonderful haven. Honoring and keeping the commandments would go farther than can now be imagined in making this society great. The leftists crave the result, but deny the method. They crave the power to do it by their own means, which history has proven again and again is an impossibility. The result of freely choosing to live God’s commandments is more freedom and peace and equality and charity towards one another. The result of forcing equality of wealth and property is apathy, indifference, anger and a dependence on government to the point of slavery.

A truly great society requires the humility to rely on someone other than ourselves, and other than some political power. It takes relying and truly trusting in God, not just saying it but acting on that trust, following His lead and His word. I would never presume to tell anyone how to live their life. But, I will point out the obvious. Keeping the commandments would solve society’s problems. I invite others to consider this reality and to take a stand with Christ. The essential element of a good society is good people. Our Founders knew this, and thus made absolutely sure that freedom of religion was secured. Christ can sanctify us to be our best selves, through Him and walking in His way. I invite you individually and this nation to turn to Him and live.

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