Friday, June 26, 2009

Strangled With a Silken Cord

A long time ago in an empire halfway across the world there was a barbaric system of succession that reminds me a little of some things going on now.

The Ottoman Empire was ruled by Sultans and this position was passed on to family members, but not always the eldest son like was and is done in some places. What they would do is have males in the family get schooling and opportunities for leadership. Then at some point the current Sultan would select which individual would become the next Sultan. But, there was concern that the other males would rebel against the chosen leader. So, in order to head off any succession issues the other eligible males were simply killed. Lovely huh? The job of offing the other possibilities was given to the gardener. The method was to come up behind them and strangle them with a silk cord. A silk cord would certainly be a soft way to go, but a death nonetheless. Very creepy stuff. This method was eventually altered so that the non-selected relatives were just imprisoned :)

Now, why in the world does that creepiness remind me of today. Well, it feels like that is what is happening here to our freedoms. It began with the Progressives who were determined to take care of all of us, for our own good. Teddy Roosevelt's famous quote "speak softly but carry a big stick" kind of reminds me of the silken cord method, its soft but it still is going to take you out.

For decades now Progressives have been trying to convince us that we are a Democracy instead of a Republic. Sure, you could see us being called a Democratic Republic, but we are a Republic. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Democracy perpetuated eventually leads to some form of Tyranny. As the people realize they can petition Government for their needs and then their wants they eventually become more demanding and will ask more and more for their Government to take care of all things. The Progressive leaders have more than gladly taken more and more control believing themselves smarter than us. All the while convincing the populace that it is for our own good. Softly but surely our freedoms our being strangled by all that goodness. The rapidity of this stranglehold in this past little while is shocking. What's more is that the idea of us being even a Democracy seems to be slipping away too. A Democracy is supposed to hear and follow the voice of the people. But, despite the fact that a majority of the population is against things like TARP and the recent Stimulus, and Government run Health Care and Cap and Trade our dear Congress keeps passing these things anyway going directly against the voice of the people. So, not only are we leaving behind our status as a Republic we are even leaving behind the idea of us being a Democracy. The Government is becoming a Tyranny, but hey if its for own good, and it sounds soft and pretty. . .

The banking industry is getting more under government control. The auto industry is in the hands of the government. The free market is getting the strangle/big stick treatment.

Health care is a current target. Don’t worry the Government will take care of all your medical needs. Well, at least the needs that the brainiacs who run the system determine are valid needs.

New things are brewing like the Freedom of Choice Act which is just one of many examples of the federal Government putting a stranglehold on the States.

This past week I was incredibly disappointed to hear that the House voted in the Cap and Trade legislation. Too many people do not understand the cost of this. Energy is becoming more and more in the Government control. The tax increase will be felt by not only manufacturing businesses but all their consumers. This is done all in the name of making sure the world does not go through natural changes. It’s like the Progressives think they are some kind of gardener for the planet and are willing to strangle any freedoms that get in the way. Eerie!

So, long ago one by one the threats to the Sultan's rule were eliminated and thus it feels today, one by one our freedoms are being strangled or beaten down by Progressive philosophy. We do not despair but take courage in the knowledge that we have the truth and will stand up for it.

Its time to stand up and try to resuscitate the freedoms. It’s also time to shout about the freedoms that are near being lost. I’ve had it with the Government officials utter lack of transparency. We the people need to speak loudly and carry words of truth.


Heather S said...

good stuff Sarah. Keep it coming


Anonymous said...

"speak softly but carry a big stick" this has always been a fav. phrase in my personal life. yet when our goverment doesn't speak at all but swings the stick without reguard, what do we end up with? the citizens black and blue and left with the bill for the cleanup.

Lemon cakes.

manajordan said...

Very well said lemon cakes. mmmm that sounds good right now :)

Thanks guys

Eve said...

Two things sprung to my mind MJ. They gave us a Republic "if you can keep it" I think that was Thomas Jefferson.
The other is the discussion my husband and I were having the other day while watching GB. Will I someday see my husband heading off to war here in our own country? Now I really hope that this conflict will be resolved in the ballot box, but if people don't think it could happen..."not here, this is America" This stuff happens in other countries, it can happen here. These politicians are pushing us to our limits.
So many people need to wake up and see the freedoms that are now gone and going each day. We can't all wake up one day and have to physically fight to get them back!
Wake up America!!!

manajordan said...

I agree people need to wake up and realize that it can happen here. I'm glad that Glenn talks alot about Ghandi and MLK. We need to follow that peacable protest example for now. I hope with all my heart that that will be enough.