Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guest Post Starring . . . My MOM!

My mother recently emailed me a suggestion for my blog. I admitted to her that it was not a subject that I have followed and so asked if she would like to write it herself. I think she makes some very good points, and I appreciate her insight. Enjoy!

The Miracle of Susan Boyle.

Susan Boyle blew everyone away with her first performance on Britians Got Talent 2009.Within hours her performance was all over the internet as something very inspirational. As I have followed what has happened with her, it reminds me a lot of the way the media has treated others who have not fit into a mold, yet shown greatness.

First of all, Susan Boyle did not get the attention of the world because of her talent. There are talented singers by the dozens. She got the world’s attention because she was judged by most as being silly and of no value until she sang. Amanda Holden, one of the judges at her first performance said it the best. She told Susan that at first everyone was against her. But after her performance everyone was for her.

But the miracle was not her song, it was what happened in hearts. Because of the incredible voice that came out as she sang, the world had a chance to look at itself, and its own judgments. Most were blown away by how wrong those judgments were. However, most did not understand the true miracle. The miracle that happened was she gave all of us a chance to repent of our judgments and enjoy one of God's creations in a very unsuspecting package. Yes, her song was touching, but all the more touching because we were wrong in the first place. It touched a place in so many hearts that was a reminder of who we all are. If given a chance to truly be who we are, we all have the potential to blow others away. The video took the world by storm as so many wanted to share the miracle that happened during her audition.

However, what has happened since has been totally appalling. Once more the media has stepped in to justify why she was judged wrongly. She only came in second in the Britans Got Talent 2009 competition. That means she really wasn't all that good, Right? She hasn’t been taught how to be in the media and to always say appropriate things. So of course when she made a mistake it was very well publicized.

She has had problems in her life, including anxiety. No one before who has been a part of a miracle has had anxiety, Right? And now she has been released from a mental hospital because of an anxiety attach, so of course she has some severe problems where she really wasn't all that good in the first place, Right? Every time she changed her clothes or did anything to try to learn and grow into her moment in the spotlight, she was scrutinized. She was picked apart as the media has watched for anything to prove that she is still silly and doesn’t have much value.

As I have watched what has happened to Susan Boyle, I am reminded how the world, for the most part, tries to discredit greatness in anyone who looks like they should not be great. Sarah Palin is another example of someone who just does not quite fit the mold and has been completely picked apart to discredit her.

Let’s all take a look at what the true miracle of Susan Boyle is. We were reminded that we can and should let go of the judgments. We can all start to honor more fully the miracles that happen all around us every day. We can honor each person for the greatness that they have. We can celebrate that each one of us is a miracle.

Deena Jordan

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