Sunday, June 14, 2009

Justice and Mercy, The Bullet Point Version

Well, my mind has kind of been all over the place this past week. That is not really all that unusual for me. But, I have thought a lot about two principles that I have written about before, justice and mercy. I am a person who likes to simplify, and I really think these two principles are simple yet profound values that are important to examine and apply correctly. Because my mind is all over the place rather than trying to form a really cogent written piece, I’m just going to bullet point it. Maybe I’ll come back to it sometime and write a brilliant wrap up of the ideas. Chances are fair to good that I will write it, and chances are significantly lower that it will be brilliant. 

- Justice and Mercy cannot both be satisfied unless there is a Mediator.
- I don’t care how many Pharaoh’s President Obama looks like, he is not the
- The proper role of government is to provide justice, not mercy and not to
- Too many in government are trying to play the role of either the Mediator,
or flat out playing the improper role of mercy.
- The Liberal/Progressive mindset is that the Government should be taking the
role of taking care of everybody, being empathetic.
- Turning over the job of mercy to the government will always lead to tyranny,
for absolute power can never rest with one individual or institution. Mercy
belongs elsewhere.
- Tyranny is not always placing burdens on the people, sometimes it’s not
letting them go through their trials, leaving them stuck. That is the real
problem with Progressivism, the idea that society progresses to such a level
that people individually don’t have to progress at all.
- I despise the term Compassionate Conservative.
- Conservatives should be of the mindset that there is a separation between
justice and mercy.
- Conservatives should be compassionate people on their own and can
demonstrate that through good works, but not in government.
- There can be no real mercy unless justice is properly held in its place.
- The Government has proved time and time again that it sucks at being
o Trying to be compassionate to the car companies? Epic fail.
o Trying to be merciful in health care? The government already runs a
healthcare system for the poorer classes, and it is a lousy system.
The idea that the healthcare of the entire citizenship will be
monitored by the government effectively is preposterous.
o Trying to be merciful in welfare? The welfare system traps people
within its grip perpetually rather than teaching correct principles
of responsibility. I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating, the
Churches and other compassionate organizations are wildly more
successful than the government at welfare, the job should belong to
o Etc. etc.
- Being empathetic is not a qualification for a judge. Being just is a
qualification for a judge.
- When justice is not properly adhered to, and the government is trying to be
merciful, the people lose their will to be merciful.
- Mercy among the people for the people is waning.
- Case in point Mexico
o Mexico is our neighbor, we, the people (not our government) should
look upon them with kindness.
o Because the government has not done their job of securing the border
and enforcing the laws the American people feel less compassion for
our neighbor.
o The recent tragedy at the Day Care Center in Mexico and the passive
reaction from most Americans highlights this.
o If the government would do their job, then the American people
themselves would probably do a much better and more compassionate
job of taking care of our neighbors.
- True freedom comes when there is true justice.
- Our Founding Fathers trusted that a truly free people would be merciful to
one another. That’s one of the reasons that freedom of religion was such an
important concept.
- Too many in politics get in the attitude that they want to change the world.
That is faulty thinking. The job of the government is to protect our rights,
creating a society where the goodness of people can be fostered through
growth, responsibility and true freedom. This prosperity opens the
possibility for the citizens to change the world in whatever way they deem
most worthy.
- Freedom brings out the best in people.
- One day the true and Great Mediator will reign on the earth and be able to
judge perfectly and at the same time extend his perfect mercy.
- For now we live in a nation whose political system is the best form for an
imperfect people, but it must be followed as outlined by the Constitution.
- Sometimes the best thing the Government can do is nothing, and let the
people, in their goodness handle it.
- Justice by way of Government, Mercy by way of the people.

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Eve said...

This is such a fantastic set of thoughts. I want to know when you get in depth on them and I would love to help you if you need it. Just drop me a note. There were a few that jumped out at me, these two
"o The recent tragedy at the Day Care Center in Mexico and the passive
reaction from most Americans highlights this.
o If the government would do their job, then the American people
themselves would probably do a much better and more compassionate
job of taking care of our neighbors."
and others...not that they all wernt so true.
We are in such a rough time in our country. I hate it that we are so divided and it kills me. I put up the post on "The Open Letter to Our Nation" sponsered by Glenn Beck and went from 21 followers to 20. I have a few big Obama supports in my list of favorite blogs and don't judge them by their thoughts. It is a free country and that is what makes us great. The only way to shape or change someone is by living by example. If they like what they see it can change the way they feel, that goes both ways. We are Americans, we need to let go of this hate between parties.
Please keep writing, your thoughts are so important.