Friday, January 9, 2009

Stop Telling Me What To Think

I don't like being told what to do. Actually people close to me can attest to that. When someone even in jest tells me what to do I usually just stare at them. I also don't like being told what to think.

That's one of the things that drives me nuts about the media. Instead of telling us what somebody says, they give you their translation about what somebody says. If I said "yeah I really don't like cooked vegetables" you would see a headline like "Jordan expresses outrage towards prepared foods." Then depending on the slant they want to take I would either be branded as a hater of vegans or trying in some self sacrificing way to display solidarity towards third world children who have neither vegetables nor the means to cook them with.

Watching some news channel or reading headlines in the paper or AOL you get all of these pundits who tell you what the person said, what it meant and what the person really should have said. All that just from reading the headline! Wait until you actually get to the story!

I think it is good to get information from the media, that is their job. But, these days Op-Ed styles are now news reporting.

Can you imagine what the election cycle would have been like if the media did their job? We would have known what the candidates said, we would have been informed on their records, and we would know what they intended to do in office. Then armed with that information we could make a decision based on how the candidates record and vision match up with what we want for the country. Instead we learn through the dear mainstream Gadianton Robber media that Obama will save us and McCain is mean and stupid. I'm not going to bother taking up space with all the things we were supposed to have learned about Palin.


Yeah the Gadianton Robber media inspires a little bit of anger in me.
I'm all for freedom of the press. But, they should at least cop to their bias. If they want to present an honest report than they should be honest with us about their agenda. I'm so looking forward to Bernard Goldberg's book coming out this month "A Slobbering Love Affair."

I also get tired of seeing all the pundits yelling at each other. It doesn't get a thing accomplished, accept creating headaches and/or stomachaches.

It's important to have opposing views, it provides the manner to learn and make our own decisions. But, it does not have to be at the cost of kindness and basic human goodness.

Grow up media. Please stop with the rantings and ravings. It can be slightly entertaining especially when the media actually gets called on their bias. But, I just want the information not to be told what to think about it.

Oh and I love veggies, just not cooked. I wonder what that says about me.


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your insights into the media, especially the attack on the family. It seems that now the news is meant more to entertain than to inform. I have been watching a lot of television lately, and the news ideals seem pretty similar to the rest of what is on. The whole media attacks family. Even a commercial for an air freshener seems to make fun of what families should be: open, loving, and most importantly, respectful. I wonder if the news arena sees that tv shows making fun of family life sells, and sells well, and that is what they are pattering after now. Thank you for helping me to remember that something meant merely to sell and entertain should only be taken with a grain of salt.

manajordan said...

Thanks Shan,
I agree the media is about entertaining now. By attacking the family they are certainly showing some other agenda as well. Thanks for being a good example for me.