Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I’m not married. So, hey if you know any great guys looking for a 30 something conservative woman who likes long walks on the beach my number is 555…. But, I digress. I also do not have any children. But, I freely admit that I have fallen in love 13 times, and that I love every one of them all at the same time. I also plan on falling in love again sometime around May of this year. I’m talking about my nieces and nephews. Every single one of these little kids stole my heart and never gave it back. I don’t know what it’s like to be a mom. But, I know what its like to love the kids in my family. I would do anything to defend them.

The family unit has been under direct assault in the media and other outlets in this country. It has been that way for a while now. There are all sorts of things I could discuss about this topic. But, recently there have been some pretty pointed attacks at some well known people’s families that have struck me as particularly vile.

I along with so many others was saddened and shocked to hear about the Travolta family tragedy. To lose a son at such a young age is heart breaking. But, I was sickened to see some of the media coverage. The Travolta’s had been able to keep their family life fairly private but the media jumped all over it. There were suggestions and accusations made that the family had not taken proper care of their son. They accused the family of not providing medication for their son due to their religious beliefs. That turned out to be completely false. But, the coverage of that fact went underreported.

It’s one thing to let the public know that a public figure has suffered a tragedy. It gives us all the opportunity to pray for them. It’s quite another to exploit the family's suffering and make completely false allegations in order to sale more papers.

It certainly dissuades people from entering the public arena and standing up for anything publicly. Your family appears to be fair game. It’s disgusting and disheartening.

One of the medias favorite targets these days is Governor Sarah Palin. She has been pretty gracious considering all the personal attacks against her. But, she did not take recent attacks against her family sitting down. She called media outlets to correct them on false allegations. The media then got on her case for correcting them. Honestly what parent would take attacks and false reports about their kids sitting down? What the heck happened to families being off limits. President Obama asked for that and got his wish.

If you are just relying on the mainstream media for information about Sarah Palin you would have no idea what kind of a Governor she is. Oh you mean she’s a Governor? You would have no idea that she turned in a state budget for the coming year that spends less than the previous year. It has a built in safety net for a possible continuing economic downturn. If absolutely necessary they could dip into the savings that she instituted this last year when oil prices were so high. This in an atmosphere when there are a number of Governor’s asking for federal bailout money. Alaska doesn’t need it, nor would she ask for it. You would never know that she recently welcomed dignitaries from countries including Russia, Japan, China, Canada, Mexico and others who are trade and energy partners with Alaska. What? She doesn’t have any foreign policy experience, right?

The media has nothing negative to say about her governing so they choose to go after her family. They perhaps know that Governor Palin has made decisions to run for offices based on her family's approval. She in fact did not run for an office several years ago when her son asked her not to. Perhaps the media is hoping that if they tear her family down the family will ask her to exit public political life.
This all certainly dissuades people, particularly conservatives from wanting to go into politics. Your family is apparently fair game.

The institution of the family has been inundated with attacks. The media is going after public figures families. These are only a couple brief examples of recent attacks. It is all just too much.

I want my nieces and nephews to grow up in a world where the family is still considered sacred and protected. We need to stand up to the media in whatever ways we can. I think the majority of Americans respect the family unit. But, the liberal left is so loud. The traditional family voices should be heard too.


M&M-Maloy said...

Hey, When are you going to come back to AZ for a visit??? Come by the house i'm still here. a few changes, but still here.


manajordan said...

Hello Marcie,

Well, with the weather we have been having up here AZ sounds nice. I'll definitely look you up whenever I can get back down. No immediate plans.