Saturday, March 13, 2010

Heartstrings: The Ties That Bind

Just a few weeks ago my sister and brother in law welcomed a new little fellow into their family. His name is Austin. If you are wondering if I'm always going to write about whenever I have a new niece or nephew the answer is "yeah probably. you got a problem with that?" I can't help it, these little ones grab my heart so quickly and easily and they always help my perspective. Just as a heads up, there are 2 nieces on the way this year, maybe more (in case some of my siblings are keeping secrets, which of course is their prerogative :)

Anyway, little Austin has had a rough start to life outside the womb. He is barely 3 weeks old, and already in the hospital for a second time, not counting his birth. The first time I met the little guy he had all these wires and tubes hooked up to him. The heart he immediately grabbed was already breaking at the site. He is so very little, and I want so much for his life to be as uncomplicated and healthy as can be. I have already spent much time on my knees praying in his behalf, and much time with tears in my eyes.

Last weekend as I was visiting him at the hospital I took up the post of holding little Austin while camped out on the hospital bed. Now, when you are holding a sleeping baby and you are propped up in a comfortable position you can't help but go in and out of consciousness yourself. It was very comfortable and peaceful, even with all those wires. Somewhere along the line one of his little wires came unstuck from him and ended up sticking to my shirt. And wouldn't you know it, it was the one measuring his heart rate. And because of the way I was holding him, that little wire had found itself right at my own heart. Well, maybe I'm sappy and corny but I thought it was symbolic. Symbolism to me is a physical representation of a spiritual reality. And thus it was with Austin and I, our hearts are connected. The little guy is a part of me. That is why I plead in his behalf, and why I cry. I want so much for the very best for him. If I could take his place I would.

So, why write about this? Well, it is my blog and he is my nephew. But, for the larger sense it is because it has helped sharpen my perspective. Again, that is one of the blessings of having little ones in your life, they make you see more clearly. Most of us would give anything to make our precious little ones' lives better. Most of us would sacrifice in a second to make sure they don't have to suffer needlessly. We want to pass on to them a world better than the way we found it. We don't want to pass on any undue burdens. I may not be able to take their place as they go through the various trials of life, but I sure as heck am not going to make them take my place either.

So, stand up do your part. Now, is the time. Embrace your little ones, and live your life knowing you can indeed pass on a better world. Know that they are counting on you. Maybe it is corny and sappy to say "think of the children", but honestly is there a better motivation? It is one of the great causes of our lives, to ensure goodness in the lives of the next generation. That is one of the reasons I feel so passionate about the things I see going wrong in our country and our society. I refuse to sit back and wait for somebody else to come along and fix the debt and the corruption and the tyranny that is infecting the nation, when we can do it ourselves here and now. We have been blessed with freedom, we need to make sure that gets passed on. So we go through whatever pain and suffering we must to set the country back on the right path. Pain will not last, but the ties that bind do. Thank God in Heaven forever for that truth everyday, and live to honor it. We are connected, the hearts have indeed been turned to the children, let's make sure they stay that way. Make sure that freedoms' beat continues strong for us, so that they will have the chance to keep it beating strong themselves.

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