Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Few Thoughts

Well, our House of Representatives (maybe I should write "Representatives") has now passed a historic Health Care bill. Congrats to all of us for getting something we did not want. I admit to feeling bummed out. But, I also feel some resolve. It is going to be an interesting year.

I heard reference today that this was a historic bill along the lines of passing Social Security and Medicare. I thought about something that hadn't dawned on me before. I have previously remarked on the feeling of disappointment I had in realizing that those previous political generations who gave us Social Security and Medicare really did not think about the consequences they were passing on to future generations. Both programs are disastrous and are coming apart at the seems. The consequences are debt and theft. I know for a fact that the money the government has collected from me in both of those programs will never again fall into my hands. I accept that and will just move on. But, I want to point out that they were people who took a stand against both of those programs. And I want to make sure that they know I'm grateful that they did. Thank-you.

Speaking of consequences, I also want to make sure that I make it known that Democrats and Progressive/Liberals are not the only ones to blame for this debacle. I've written before that Progressives bust through doors that have been opened by others. Teddy Roosevelt opened the door for Woodrow Wilson. Hoover opened the door for FDR. George Bush opened the door for Obama. And there are many Republicans, people who claim to represent Conservative interests, who have opened the door for this passage. Much was made about the idea of the "Slaughter rule" or deem and pass. It did not need to be employed but if it had been used much of the blame should have been placed at the feet of the Republicans who pulled that maneuver first. It is more important than ever to make sure that the people we support for elections actually represent our interests. No longer can we take it for granted that people live what they say. I will do my utmost to only support those who support true principles of freedom, the founding principles of this country.

I do not feel any despair. I am hopeful that this nation will continue to wake up to what is being lost and what our responsibilities are. The Constitution starts with "We the People" it is our government, we need to remind them of that. We do that peacefully exercising our rights to gather and to speak out. God continue to bless this country.

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