Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Reflective Perspective

I have had the opportunity to stand before a mirror with another mirror of the same size behind me. The mirrors are adjusted in a way so that when you look at your reflection you see that reflection extending both directions seemingly endlessly. I was thinking of that and the following thoughts came to mind:

I stand in the middle, looking at the reflection in one mirror I see reflected an eternal perspective. It goes on and on behind me, and on and on in front. The past meets the future in my own present life.

From the past I hear whispered generations of patriots. Men and women in several centuries, who were willing to sacrifice everything for freedom. They thought not just of themselves but of others their posterity, familial and national. When faced with the choice of freedom or security they chose freedom. My heart swells with gratitude for those who loved me enough to take a stand for what is right and true.

From the future I hear the whisperings of my own posterity. They are hopeful of being able to live their lives with the freedom to be patriots themselves. They hold within them the promise of a better world, magnified by the prospect of living in a nation free enough to allow them to develop their character strengths and virtues that will lead to their great causes.

From the past and from the future I hear the whispered question ‘When the time came, when you were asked to choose between what is right and what was safe, between freedom from tyranny or conformity for security, between your own comfort and the freedom for your posterity, what did you do?’

At some future time another will look and see that reflection in the mirror, perhaps if they look closely they may see me, humbly numbered among faithful ancestors, and if they listen closely I hope they hear my whispered response, 'I took a stand.'


Eve said...

I think there are many who understand, who are looking back, and looking forward. They are saying the same thing. We are living in a very historic time my friend.

manajordan said...

Amen, to that. It is an amazing time. I find it inspiring.

Deena said...

Your posterity is already proud of you.