Sunday, March 29, 2009


So, I was talking to my sister the other day. I got to listen in to some of her parenting tactics. One statement she made to my nephew in particular stood out to me, “Remington, you need to stop eating those peeps or else you are going to start looking like a peep.” Well, thought I, that is just too cute to not share. Of course my mind is now all wrapped up in political stuff and I thought of a way to not only share the story, but to do so in blog form.

Our government officials are stewards of our laws, protection, taxes etc. The government should be doing the responsible thing and not doling out unhealthiness like sugar.

The stimulus plans, the bailouts, the amazing debt filled budgets are all a bunch of nasty marshmallow fluff covered in sugar. All of it is so tempting to a hungry market. The problem is, it keeps getting gobbled up and we are still left unsatisfied because it is not what we need.

The stimulus sugar did not start with President Obama, it started with President Bush. It has not worked yet, and still we get fed more. You all know what the definition of insanity is right? Continuing to do the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

We learn today that the Obama administration is unveiling another auto bailout tomorrow. I’m just on pins and needles to find out how awesome this one is going to be. Oh and today we find out President ObamatheOneKenobi asked the CEO of General Motors to resign, which he agreed to do. That folks is kinda scary. The government takeover of businesses is happening at an alarming rate.

Back before the stock market crash in 1929 and the Great Depression the government really did not get involved much in the economy. It’s called a “Free Market” system for a reason; it is supposed to be free to run on its own. Roosevelt’s New Deal became the standard however. The government is now expected to do something when the market goes through its down turns. *******NEWSFLASH******** The New Deal DID NOT WORK! There was a stock market crash again in 1937 in the midst of the glorious New Deal. The government programs did for that crisis what it did for the crisis just previous, not much.

The thought that we are trying to do the same thing again is preposterous. It’s got to stop. There are a few voices that are trying to be reasonable here. Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina asked if he could just use the stimulus funds sent to his state to pay off their debt. He was denied this rather brilliant plan. Isn’t that what a lot of us would do (that’s right if you would do that I think you’re brilliant too). Governor Sarah Palin quickly took the federal funds allocated for Medicare in their state and slipped it into her own budget, saving her state a bunch of money. After she did that the feds quickly put a stipulation in against doing that very thing. That’s right folks that “stupid” lady from Alaska outsmarted Obama’s genius Treasury Secretary Geithner. She has announced that she will not certify funds for her state that have strings attached or that will put her state in a position to have to cover the costs of a new program or facility after the federal funds run out. Of course she is also one of the few Governors who actually have savings stored away for her state, several billions worth. Several other Governors are also being measured and smart in their responses to the stimulus. But, they are being shouted down by the federal officials and of course the mainstream media.

Speaking of the Treasury Secretary, Geithner this last week proclaimed that they must come up with a plan to prevent the bubbles and bursts of the free market from occurring. I’m sorry sir but that is just the way the market works. It’s just like the rest of us, it has ups and downs. Yes, I think the economy has suffered from corrupt and dishonest people on Wall Street. But, having corrupt and dishonest politicians take over is just not a great idea. And not letting the market go through its growing pains is a ridiculous idea. It’s like they are saying, “Don’t worry you won’t have to feel any pain.” And even more it is like they are saying “LET THEM EAT PEEPS!” Well, if we keep eating peeps we are going to become peeps. Those things eventually turn stale and nasty. And if it gets hot enough they turn even nastier and melt. We will end up being a big pile of goo who does not feel pain, because we are too unhealthy and mushy to even care. That would make it really difficult to stand up and fight for our rights. So, be healthy in our lives. Do not follow the example of the government. Use that self-reliant streak. Perhaps the government will wise up and be as brilliant as its constituents.


Anonymous said...

It seems more and more that these folks are doing anything in order to do something. As if to do something was better than to do nothing. Strange logic, isn't it? I have to agree with what Daniel Hannan said in the Foxnews interview last week. Watch it here if interested...

Take care,

toronto real estate said...

It seems as if doing something was better than doing nothing... I can't really agree with that logic.

Daniel Hannan had something to say about it last week in his interview for Fox news. Watch here if intersted...

Take care,

manajordan said...


I enjoyed Daniel Hannan's speech, and also his several appearances here in the states, particularly with Glenn Beck. He speaks common sense, which is sorely underrepresented in U.S. federal politics today.
Thanks for your comments.

R. Durfee said...

Well said, I totally agree. How did we get to the point that it is OK for the federal government to decide who will work in a privately owned company. People allow it to happen because they want the government to get us out of our financial woes. But what do we do when the help offered isn't good for us?

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