Friday, March 27, 2009

Justice and Mercy part deux

"The law is reason, free from passion." Aristotle

I wanted to post just some general thoughts about how justice and mercy are meant to interact in this nation.

The government is built on the foundation of freedom and justice for all. The job of our government is to protect our rights. We all have equal rights which does not equate to equal things. The root of justice is law, rule and boundaries. Justice or laws are the immoveable and steady pinnacles. Think about rules, from sports to God's commandments, they are meant to engender safety. They are for our benefit.

But, justice when standing alone is free from passion and that includes compassion.
Our founding fathers knew that this great nation would have struggles. They knew that it was important to have firm and steady justice in order to protect our rights. But, they depended on the good will of the people to take care of each other. The law is free of compassion. Compassion and mercy are our job. Our founding fathers believed for the country to truly be great our equal rights would be protected, but the people would be a moral people who would trust in the God who has endowed us with those rights.

Every time that the government steps into the role of being merciful they take that role away from us. The goodness of America is being taken away by degrees.

You know I tell people sometimes about the great job my Church does in taking care of those in need, it is fantastically successful. When I tell people this they then suggest that the government ought to model their welfare program after the Church's. To which I reply "NOOO!!!!" I think the real answer is for the government to get out of the welfare program all together and let the Church's who have already proven themselves so adept take care of it.

Compassion, mercy, is our job. Justice, law is the government's job.
There is so much opportunity for service. It is something we should do, but not have it be mandated by the government. Service and compassion is a choice. If you want to change the world then do it. Do not expect the government or its officials to do it. We live in the greatest country in the world. You have the right to reach out in compassion to anybody. Use that blessed right. You and our country will be the better for it.

God Bless

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