Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beep! Beep! Get Out Of The Way!

So, today I was working on my taxes. My predominant thought in doing so was, how can we expect the government to run anything really well? I mean doing my taxes, was so much harder than it needed to be. I thought I was done like 10 times!! Anyway I’m glad I got it over with. But, I gotta tell ya. The government just is not the answer for so many things. The governments’ job is to uphold the long established laws and to protect the rights of the people. I understand taxes play a role in that. So, I’m not going to go on about the taxes, it just annoyed me enough to think about other problems I have with the government.

In January there was a slight turn up in the economy. Retail, groceries even car sales all went up last month. That folks is the free-market starting to self correct. It is doing so without the government helping. The free-market always goes through ups and downs. Yes, this is a particularly down down but it will correct itself if left free. In fact it seems like the media would like us all to forget one of the root causes of this whole economic problem was the housing crisis. That was caused by government mismanagement. So, this is my call to the government. GET OUT OF THE WAY!!! Stop messing things up.

Again the government plays an important role, to protect our rights. But, they should not be playing the role of fix everything. Why? Because they stink at it.
The government wants to take over health care. Well, I think anyone in the health care system, and that includes me, knows what a fine job the government does in the sector of health care they already control, Medicare. Medicare stinks! Health care professionals and institutions avoid it if they can. The bureaucracies running health care are just lousy. It gets so muddled and you end up having to satisfy the bureaucracy rather than really just trying to help your client. Yes, the health care system has problems. But, we should be asking health care providers how to solve the problems, not the government. Again get out of the way!

Another interesting point is looking at welfare type work. Please read the article at this link:

The author is an atheist who recognizes the significantly better work that religious organizations do, in helping the worlds’ poor, than government and/or NGO’s. The solution for solving poverty is found in the hearts of good people. The answer is not the government. They have made a mess of the welfare system. Every time they have tried to fix welfare they have made it worse. Here’s an idea GET OUT OF THE WAY!!

I love this country and I love the system of Government that was set up by our inspired founders. They had no intention of seeing the government so enmeshed in our lives. Government please do your job and let the free market, the health care system and charitable people do theirs.

Wow! That really was a rant.

God Bless

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