Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Looking Beyond

The political atmosphere is irritating. I could probably just end this blog post right there, but I’ve been trying to decide why I find that to be true. I started thinking about it when I again became irritated by the Republican party’s continual disrespect and disregarding of Sarah Palin. It is no secret that I’m a support of the Governor. I find her to be one of the few politicians who is genuine and congruent with her beliefs. That does not mean I agree with every single decision she has ever made, I don’t agree with any human being 100% of the time. But, I don’t know any other politician who has put up with as much as she has, and maintained a good attitude, perspective and a willingness to continue standing up for her beliefs and what she knows are the best principles for freedom in this country.

Why is it so beyond the majority of the Republican politicians to stand by Governor Palin, to support her and to echo her principles in a way that will resonate with Americans. I think they have just become so caught up in power that they have forgotten what is most important in life, not what we have but how we live and love and serve. They abandoned an ally who fought for them and for what? Supposed vestiges of power. We are filled by love, if what we love is power we find that it passes like a sieve and the collection of it is futile. Its not so much that they lose their souls in politics it is that their souls are empty. Watching their behavior is disheartening and enlightening all at once.

There is some hope. It is interesting to watch the process of the Republican Party Platform being formed. There is a greater distinction developing between the two parties, as the platform is going more Conservative. But, I’m realizing more and more the importance of looking beyond myself and beyond mortality.

How blessed we are to know the reality, that there is more to life than life. One day we will greet eternity and realize we’ve been in it all along. In that perspective history itself will fade away and our most important memories will be of who we loved and how we loved them, God, family, fellow man.

We catch glimpses of eternity here and there, in a baby’s first smile, in a warm embrace, in feeling the tender merciful forgiveness of God and in countless other ways.

I want to leave something better behind for the next generation, that’s about loving those who follow me. I do so with the hope that they too will greet eternity with hope and joy and a knowledge that their lives, that all our lives lead to something greater, beyond mortality. In life we should learn to love and serve on this earth, we seek to live it well and in congruence with what we know to be true. May we open the windows in our lives that release eternities view. May we cherish every opportunity to love and defend freedom and that which is right.

So, we carry on, learning from the past, preparing for our future and the future of generations to come. But, mostly we live with and eternal perspective and hope that guides our lives to greater service and love. We seek out like minded people, and seek leaders who have that perspective too. Look beyond today, that today may be greater for the perspective we keep.

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