Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some History

I had a history Professor back in my college days who tried to convince the class that history doesn't repeat itself. His argument was that there is no exact repetition, names change, environment changes, places change etc. Well, it was not so long ago that as I was thinking about that Prof. and another couple of lectures he gave it dawned on me that he was a huge Progressive. The idea that history does not repeat itself is essential for the Progressive ideology, because they have to believe that it will work someday even though so far it has not. Yes, indeed the names change, and environment and all that. But, for crying out loud a simple examination of history shows that it does indeed occur in patterns. That's the whole reason to learn history, so that we can learn what to do and especially what not to do. Its a gift, and it is far underutilized thanks to a great many things including faux educators.

I have several historical ideas for blog posts floating around in my head. I've needed to just sit down and start committing them to paper, or computer screen whatever you want to call it. So, I'm going to divide the ideas up in to a couple of areas and then just go from there.

I've loved history for a long time, and have had a particular fascination for the 20th century. One of the things I've found interesting is how little attention is paid to the early 20th century. Is it a coincidence that that era is famous for beginning the Progressive movement in America? Doubtful. There are so many current events that can be better understood by understanding the early 20th century. Look WWII gets well deserved attention, but what about WWI? Do you want to understand what is happening in the Middle East? You have to know about the early 20th century. What about the radical elements that existed in the early 20th century, Anarchists joining up with Socialists who are supposed to be on opposite sides of the political spectrum, what in the world? One of the absolute scariest events in The United States and the world occurred in the form of devastating illness, and it hardly ever gets spoken of. So, one of the areas I'm going to focus on is early 20th Century history. Buckle up, its going to be, well it might be boring for some people, but I think its a fun journey.

Bureaus. If you think history is boring, you will likely think I'm one of the most boring people ever to want to delve into the history of bureaucracy in America. Doing the research I did on Psychology and the Left, and noting the ties with the FDA really opened my eyes to how much damage the practice of regulations has done to the American way of life and our Constitution. So, come along and discover just how nasty the EPA is, or the DOJ. Oh, and what about the ATF? How the heck did Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms go together under one bureaus? Progressivism holds the key, say it with me, Prohibition. Sounds like fun right?

I've long been puzzled the Progressive ownership of group think. So, many groups in American society seem to identify with the left, which seems totally incongruent with the history of the Left. Where did the idea for Native American boarding schools come from? What about internment camps for those of Japanese descent? What about the excessive number of abortions performed on minorities in America? Does the Progressive left in America really represent minorities? Simply put, no. From slamming the door on immigration to turning women's rights into abortion on demand, the left has a long history of treating the groups they claim to represent poorly. I'm going to take a good hard long look at this.

Suggestions and tips are most welcome. As I already wrote, I love history. It is a gift and I intend to continue learning from it. One of the most important words in the English language is remember. We must remember who we are, and where we came from and what is really true. Then we can truly move forward walking in the light that is knowledge and humbly seeking to be wise.

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