Sunday, August 1, 2010

Becoming Who We Ought to Be: Forgiveness

Life is all about who we become. Its about becoming our greatest selves, the people God knows we can truly be. To help along that journey He gives us commandments and instructions. One of the things that we are commanded to do is forgive.

Forgiveness is, unsurprisingly, something I work on quite a bit with my clients. When someone does us harm the most immediate reaction we go into is self-protection. Anger and fear serve the purpose of guarding our hearts against further damage. They are kind of like walls that get put up. The problem with walls around our hearts is that nothing can get in and nothing can get out. We become stuck where we are at. And behind that wall resentment and other such negative things build up.

Why is it that God asks us to be forgiving? Well, for one thing He is forgiving and we are trying to become like Him. For another it can help the person who committed the offense to move on in their lives. But, I also think that forgiveness is for the sake of the forgiver. Its a release, it takes away a burden that really just doesn't belong.

Its easy for me to say that forgiveness is something I work on with my clients. But, I admit that it is a struggle for me as well. Sometimes its a big struggle. Amazingly The Lord continues to work with me in His tenderly merciful way and helps me remember to take my own advice. Its humbling.

I recently needed a reminder about forgiveness and was blessed to view the following video. This good man is nothing short of heroic and I wanted to share his message here.

God continue to bless us as we strive to become who we ought to be. His grace is sufficient for all those who seek such blessings.

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rychelle said...

THanks, I needed that!! Luv ya!