Thursday, November 5, 2009

Prayers and Thoughts

I'm sure that those impacted by the atrocity today at Ft. Hood are in the prayers of so many Americans today. They are certainly in mine. Expressing condolences seems to fall way short. But, we do what we can, we pray for God's arms to be around those who suffer. I have a deep respect for our military heroes, and so appreciate their willingness to sacrifice to protect our freedoms. It breaks my heart that so many lost their lives and were harmed on American soil. God bless the injured, and the loved ones of the injured and especially those who were lost.

I must also express another sadness that has accompanied today's events. The individual, allegedly responsible for this atrocity, is a Muslim. Right now we do not have the full story, and so speculation is just that. I have personally witnessed the devastation that terrorism spawned by radical Islam can and has caused, and I despise it for a variety of reasons. I despise that lives have been lost in such senseless ways. I despise the fact that so many are forced to live in fear. I also despise that these monsters use the Palestinians cause, and the Muslim religion as cover to commit such heinousness.

But, I feel sadness for the knee jerk response that I've read in some comments on internet updates. I have seen the affects of terrorism. But, it has also been my honor and great blessing to know and spend time with many Muslims. I have known too many amazingly gracious, kind and good Muslims to ever condemn their entire religion. Islam is as varied as Christianity in beliefs and application. To hear ill and desires for condemnation and discrimination of an entire religion because of the acts of a radical violent minority breaks my heart. Such thinking has led to some pretty shameful things even in this country, such as internment camps.

Let us mourn this tragedy appropriately, again praying for those impacted. We certainly condemn such atrocity and its perpetrator. Let us also make sure to not let our hearts be darkened by anger and vengeful thoughts but to find hope and healing in God and in understanding in one another.


Kristen said...

Very well put. I was feeling the same way when listening to the media coverage.

manajordan said...

Hi Kristen, Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting.