Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rise Up and Be Men

Lately I have been thinking alot about men, in general (though I admit I've always had a thing for Oscar de la Hoya and sometimes think about him specifically). So, I decided to blog about men today though alot of what I have to say applies to women too.

I am a woman who has discovered that there are a heck of a lot of things that I can do on my own. I take particular pride on being able to fix my own toilet, change a tire, and hook up my own DVD player. But, I am incredibly grateful for the men in my life and for the example that they have been to me of what real men should be. I am blessed to belong to a family that has great patriarchs. I will use them as a template for what real men should be.

Real men love their wives. I dearly love my brothers and they are great examples with how they treat their wives. But, I want to take this opportunity to thank especially my brothers in law. There are a few people I love as much as my brothers and they are my sisters. I could not imagine better matches for my sisters than the husbands that they have chosen. All three of these guys are just the cream of the crop and they treat my sisters right. One of the things that they have made sure my sisters get is time with their friends and that has included me. I know that they cherish their wives and the family that their wives grew up in. I in fact think of them as brothers really. Thanks Jeff, Todd and James for being real men and loving your wives.

Real men love their kids. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my brothers be fathers. They dearly love their children and go out of their way to spend time with them. They are not afraid to be nurturers. They are not afraid to deal with some rather nasty things either. A big shout out goes to Adam for dealing with quite a doozy at a Burger King (whose location will remain unnamed for protection sake). Matthew loves to do things like music time with his kids, and supports them in their activities. Steven is not a dad yet. But, he is fantastic with our nieces and nephews. One of my favorite memories of him is dancing with my little niece Brenna and her falling asleep on his chest, while they wore semi matching outfits (cute tartan skirts, oh I mean Steve's was a kilt). These guys are real men, they love kids.

Real men love God. Growing up I always knew that the most important person to my father was the Savior Jesus Christ. Even today his words about Christ ring in my ears and my heart and I seek to be more like the kind of true disciple that my father is. In a religion class once I was asked to think of my father and what images come to mind. For me that image was him standing with open arms and tears in his eyes welcoming me. I was then asked to imagine Heavenly Father, and wouldn't you know it I see Him the same way. It would not have been that way had my dad not been a real man who not only loves God but tries to emulate Him. Thanks Dadn (yes I spelled it like that on purpose).

I think in our culture there is a lot of attention paid to the self esteem and importance of women and rightfully so. But, somewhere the message to our men gets lost sometimes about how important they are. I want to let the men in my life, and any men who will listen, know how important they are. You are royal sons of God, princes set to inherit all He sees fit for his choicest children. Understand that real men make mistakes, but than they own up to it and learn and grow from it. I don't expect you to be perfect. If you were than I sure would fall way short.

I guess the message is to just be who you are, sons of God sent to earth now with purpose. I so appreciate the strength of my men. I think the greatest strength comes from knowing you have weaknesses and then taking it to the Lord. May the good men of the earth be ever blessed and may you feel the loving arms of the Savior Himself around you as He molds you to be all that you really can be.

Thanks guys you make me a better woman

Sarah Emily Jordan

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thanks for the shout out.
and by the I don't make Soap. but I do clean with it.
Lemon cake