Friday, April 10, 2009

For Easter

I love the Savior Jesus Christ. He is my Savior in every way that I can think of, and in countless ways I have yet to realize. There is no better friend, and no finer hero. He is the source of all goodness. His Atoning sacrifice, I think, is one of the hardest things to explain in words. But, I know how it feels to have it applied in my life.

A story I heard while in Jerusalem really stuck with me, and I wanted to share it here. My classmates and I were doing a walking tour of the last week of Christ’s mortal life. We came to a spot near the ancient Temple grounds. Our group leader told us about Neil Armstrong’s visit to Jerusalem years ago. When he was in the same spot we were, he asked his tour guide if there was one spot where it was known for sure that Christ would have walked. The tour guide pointed out that there at the steps leading to the gates to get into the Temple grounds Christ most surely would have walked. Neil Armstrong then went over and stood on the steps and turned to his group and told them that it meant more to him to be standing in that spot than it did to walk on the moon. After hearing that story I too went over to that spot and took a picture of my foot on the steps.

My time there in Israel is still one of the great highlights of my life. I have wonderful memories of being in holy places. My two favorite places on the planet are The Garden of Gethsemane and the Galilee region because of spiritual experiences I had there.

But, one of the themes that my group had was to not only walk where Christ walked but to walk how he walked. That is something that I have continued to try to do.
As this Easter approaches I have thought more about that. There is so much work that I need to do in my own life. Christ is many things, and one of those is that He is our greatest example.

I need to be kinder. I need to be more forgiving. I need to see others more as Christ would see them.

I know this is a short post. But, I just wanted to encourage all of us this blessed Easter season to think more about walking how He walked. A while back I was thinking about my gratitude for the Savior and wondering how best to express that to Him. I actually made it a matter of prayer. The answer to how best to thank Christ was spoken pretty clearly to my heart, By the way you live your life.

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